Tainted National Alliance for Immigrant Rights to march on Labor Day

The National Alliance for Immigrant Rights is organizing pro-illegal immigration marches for Labor Day in, among others, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Dallas, and New York.

That's according to one of their spokespersons, Nativo Lopez of the Hermandad Mexicana Nacional.

And, as the first link points out, one of the leaders of the NAIR is an official with Mexico's PRD Party.

So, who's linked to these extremists and Fifth Columnists? The protest in Long Beach will include:
Teamsters, the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor and other union members will join pro-illegal immigrant activists and their supporters at the Sept. 4 event, Lopez said.

The aim, he added, is to show a "united refutation" of immigration reform proposals that would hurt the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living here.

"For the first time, this will be the immigrant rights' Labor Day with labor workers."
Even the reporter Araceli Esparza admits that this is all about illegal immigration.


What part of illegal is it people do not understand? There is no work Americans won't so. We built the strongest economic machine on the face of the planet. This is about unscrupulous business exploiting some of the most vulnerable in our hemisphere. AFL-CIO, A for American? What happened? If the AFL-CIO had stood up to Reagan they would not need to pander to the illegal labor sector to keep their dues rolling in.