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More proof Robert Reich isn't credible (MoveOn video) - 12/30/13

Former Clinton administration Labor secretary Robert Reich has released an end-of-the-year video that provides yet more proof that he isn't credible.

On the video (excerpted below and posted to the MoveOn channel), he supports reforming our "obsolete" immigration system and he claims he wants WalMart and fast food outlets to raise wages. Those goals sharply conflict: you can have one but you can't have both.

Occupy Wall Street May Day 2013: still fake, still helping the wealthy - 04/22/13

Occupy Wall Street is still around and they're still a fake group, either by design or not.

On May Day 2013, they'll be continuing their efforts that have the net effect of helping those they pretend to oppose.

From the emailed "OWS Newsletter":

Deceptive: Marco Rubio Pretends States Will Enforce Immigration Laws - 04/15/13

On the video below, Marco Rubio pretends that - if the Department of Homeland Security doesn't secure the border as promised under amnesty - states will be allowed to step in.

Hasn't he heard of Arizona?

The Democrats and others have fought tooth and nail for years to prevent states from enforcing immigration laws.

Does anyone in their right mind think they wouldn't do the same this time?

Mitt Romney to CEOs: scare your employees into voting for me (in so many words) - 10/18/12

The audio below has Mitt Romney telling a group of businessmen (in so many words) that they should scare their employees into voting for him.

It was recorded at a June 6, 2012 National Federation for Independent Business townhall. On the audio, Romney says:

2006: Gil Cedillo supports illegal immigration boycott, shills for cheap labor employers - 09/18/11

The video below has a 2006 speech from California state Assemblyman Gil Cedillo in support of a resolution supporting the "Great American Boycott" immigration march.

Teaparty shouts "yeah!" to just letting the uninsured die (Ron Paul, CNN, GOP debate) - 09/13/11

Last year, Teapartiers threw dollars bills at and mocked a Parkinson's victim (see the video on tea parties). Their encore was at last night's GOP debate where at least two teapartiers shouted "Yeah!" on whether to allow the uninsured to just die. Video below. Yes, it was just two or three teapartiers, but it's an illustration of the teapartier mindset and where libertarian policies lead.

David Sirota is fake: mostly agrees with anti-worker, anti-American immigration plan - 07/14/11

David Sirota pretends to stick up for American workers. But, on his July 13, 2011 show he presented only minimal opposition to and mostly agreed with Charles Kenny and his horrible, anti-American immigration policy. Audio below.

Did Hawaii gov Abercrombie lie about seeing baby Obama? (1/09 interview) - 01/24/11

The strange tale of Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie and Barack Obama's birth certificate continues with a video from early 2009 that might contradict Abercrombie's claim to have seen Obama as a baby.

See the video below, and here's the transcript:

At the end of 2010, Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie said he was going to prove that Obama was born in Hawaii...

He said "I was here when that baby was born." But, questioned by the NYT, he admitted that he only meant that he'd only seen Baby Obama with his parents at social events...

However, it's not clear whether Obama's parents ever lived together.

Plus, Obama and his mother were in Seattle a few weeks to a few months after he was born...

In January 2011, Abercrombie said he'd found a "recording" that was "written down".

Notably, he didn't say he'd found a birth certificate...

Then just a few days later, Abercrombie said he couldn't release any information under Hawaiian law.

Those are the same laws that HI's Health Director appears to have ignored when making her statements...

Now, see this January 21, 2009 interview with Abercrombie [1].

Does it contradict his earlier claim about seeing Baby Obama?

EVANS: When was the first time you set eyes on Barack Obama?

ABERCROMBIE: Well, of course, that was after he was born [laughs]. Barak Sr. had met his mom, in a Russian class. She was scarcely, well, just out of High School really. And, they got married and, with statehood essentially, you know, within a year or so of statehood, Barack Obama was born. Barack Hussein Obama was born.

EVANS: Do you remember him growing up?

ABERCROMBIE: No, I remember him as a little boy, with his grandfather. Because his mother and father separated. That story's pretty well known. And, the father, Barak Sr. went on to the mainland to go to school, and then back to Kenya. And, his mom went on, married again. In the process, I would see Little Barry, as his grandfather called him, Little Barry and his grandfather mostly, all over. They walked everywhere. Stanley Dunham, his grandfather, took him everywhere. And, they met everybody and knew everybody...

There are two ways to interpret what he said. The first is that he did in fact see Obama as a baby.

In that case, "after he was born" means he saw Obama shortly after he was born.

The second interpretation is that "after he was born" was just a figure of speech or an attempt at a joke.

Abercrombie's strongest memories seem to be of Obama when he was old enough to "walk everywhere".

If he had seen Obama as a baby, one might expect tales of visiting the birth hospital, or specific "social events", or the like.

Yet, he just recounted how he'd seen Obama when he was old enough to "walk everywhere".

In any case, none of this means that Obama was born in Kenya, Canada, or on the moon. He was probably born in Hawaii, but - despite what you've heard - he hasn't proved it.

All of the evidence presented so far is full of holes, and Obama's defenders trip over themselves to lie and mislead for him.

And, Abercrombie's "interesting" statements and actions aren't helping his cause.

UPDATE: This concerns the last video in [1]:

A celebrity journalist now claims he misspoke when he said last week that Hawaii’s governor told him he was unable to find President Barack Obama’s original birth certificate after a search of state and hospital archives.

Mike Evans told on Wednesday he was remorseful and embarrassed that he appeared to have given the impression that he had discussed the search for Obama’s birth certificate with Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie.

I don't think this is a matter of someone "getting to" Evans. Rather, he was just offering a flamboyant re-cap of one of the "Abercrombie can't find Obama's birth certificate" story.

Pressure MSM reporters - such as @markniesse or @JaymesSong - to press Abercrombie for specific "social events" where he claims he saw Baby Obama.

[1] The interviewer is syndicated radio reporter Mike Evans, and the interview was apparently broadcast over CSPAN on January 21, 2009, the day after Inauguration Day. The original videos (cached) are at and Evans recently recounted the interview at
ADDED: On the last, Evans makes claims that are being interpreted as him saying that Abercrombie told him that there's no birth record in Hawaii. However, whether that's what he's saying or whether he's just offering a re-cap of the "Abercrombie can't find Obama's birth certificate" story isn't clear. Perhaps in a future interview he'll provide a more definitive report.

Tea Party "Patriots" Admit Failure (They Just Don't Know It) - 09/12/10

The Tea Party "Patriots" have released a promo video in which they admit that they've failed. And, to compound that failure, they don't realize that they're admitting that they've failed. You can see their promo at and my video response is attached (and also available at ).

The script of my response is below, first some notes:

* See tea parties for my extensive coverage, including things you won't hear from them or their other opponents.

Did Sharron Angle oppose Katrina aid? (+a Harry Reid surprise) - 08/30/10

The video below (with audio from 2005) has Sharron Angle opposing the Katrina relief bill, at least from the standpoint of requiring an accounting of where the proposed $62 billion was going to go. The video also has a surprise about Harry Reid at the end.

Obama admin will fight Arizona immigration law; DOJ; "misguided" - 04/23/10

Speaking at a naturalization ceremony earlier today, Barack Obama in effect indicated that his administration will use the Department of Justice to oppose Arizona's new, tough immigration bill if it becomes law. Among other things:

(If the federal government doesn't work towards comprehensive immigration reform) "it will open the door to irresponsibility by others... ...That includes, for example, the recent efforts in Arizona, which threaten to undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and their communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe... ...If we continue to fail to act at a federal level, we will continue to see misguided efforts opening up around the country... As a nation, as a people, we can choose a different future... ...[I've instructed the DOJ] to closely monitor the situation and examine the civil rights and other implications of this legislation."

UPDATE: Video added.

My question for the Youtube/Barack Obama July 1, 2009 healthcare townhall - 06/30/09

As previously discussed, Youtube is soliciting questions to be asked of Barack Obama at his healthcare townhall on July 1, 2009. Since I'm not a healthcare expert and since, unlike many others, I know my limitations, I decided to go meta instead. I was able to successfully add the following video to the list of replies here. (Note: I took a screengrab in case it goes missing like others did for the CNN/Youtube debate).

Here's the script:

My Question for President Obama's July 1 Healthcare Town Hall Meeting

Here's my question: Is this contest a sham?

Everyone else asking a question might have valid concerns...

but, they aren't experts on healthcare policy.

If we want a real debate, wouldn't it involve your experts being asked very tough questions by a wide spectrum of opposition experts?

Isn't Youtube setting you up with easy questions that you can use to promote your policies...

rather than trying to make you defend your policies to those who are very familiar with these issues?

And, with all the Hollywood production values you've come to expect, here's the video:

UPDATE: The event sounds like a complete sham, as I predicted (it wasn't that difficult). There's a live-blog here, and according to this:

[The] meeting included questions from a single-payer advocate, a liberal activist from Health Care for Americans now, and a member of the SEIU, who asked what she could do to help Obama pass health care reform.

According to the first link, Obama even worked in an "I feel your pain" moment:

The president asks her to come over to him – he says he will work with her to try and find help, but right now, he doesn’t want her to be alone. Now he explains why she is an example of why the system is broken... “Debbie, you are exhibit A,” the president says to the woman, before repeating the commitment to get health care reform this year.

Seriously: this is how things are done in totalitarian countries.

UPDATE 2: Even Charles Babbington and Philip Elliott of the Associated Press more or less admit this was a sham (link):

[Debbie Smith from the Exhibit A quote above] is a volunteer for Organizing for America, Obama's political operation within the Democratic National Committee. She obtained her ticket through the White House...

But details on exactly how to do those things were generally lacking in his hour-long town hall forum before a friendly, hand-picked audience in a Washington suburb...

Some of Obama's questioners Wednesday were from friendly sources, including a member of the Service Employees International Union and a member of Health Care for America Now, which organized a Capitol Hill rally last week calling for an overhaul...

ThinkProgress lies for Obama (Cliff Kincaid on knowing where Obama was born) - 02/28/09

On the 26th, Cliff Kincaid appeared at CPAC and said among other things:

back there in the 1980s at least we knew that our president was born in the United States

The ThinkProgress blog - run by the Barack Obama-linked Center for American Progress then lied about what he said, uploading a video with that quote under the false title "Cliff Kincaid Says President Obama Not Born in US" (link).

Obviously, saying we don't know where Obama was really born and saying that he wasn't born in the U.S. are too very different things. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise: both ThinkProgress and CAP frequently engage in sloppy thinking, logical fallacies, intellectual dishonesty, and so on. Sometimes, as in the current case, they just make things up.

Note that the Think Progress post with the video is entitled "CPAC audience roars with applause when speaker suggests Obama wasn’t born in U.S." (, which is a related lie: Kincaid didn't suggest where Obama was born, only that we don't know.

See my attached video reply, which also contains a summary of the Obama citizenship issue showing that no definitive proof of where Obama was born has yet been provided.

Barack Obama as you've never heard him before (NSFW) - 02/06/09

For his audio book, president Barack Obama did a caricature of one of his friends from Hawaii, someone who had a habit of swearing, i.e., using cuss words, cussing, talking blue, etc. This video has some outtakes.

Note: NSFW.

UPDATE: The Safe for Work version is here. I might re-do the bleeps if that gets enough views.

Video: Kirsten Gillibrand caves in to illegal immigration lobby, supports amnesty - 02/03/09

The saga of New York's new senator Kirsten Gillibrand continues. As shown on the video (from; transcript of her remarks below), she's now fully capitulated to the demands of illegal immigration supporters and says she supports comprehensive immigration reform.

No matter what she wants to call it, "reform" will be seen as an amnesty by millions of people around the world. They'll respond by trying to come here illegally. At the same time, that reform will give even more political power inside the U.S. to the far-left, racial power groups, corrupt business groups, the Mexican government, and other similar groups. They'll use that increased power to allow more illegal immigration and to push for future amnesties.

Please go to one of Gillibrand's public appearances and ask her tough questions about this issue designed to reveal the flaws in her policies. Then, upload video of her response to video sharing sites like Youtube. See the question authority page for some sample questions you can ask.

On the full video, she says she opposed the earlier amnesty attempt because she thought it should have attempted to solve the eight year legal immigrant backlog in six months by hiring enough people; see this and this for the tremendous issues involved there.

She also says she opposed it because she thought the guest worker requirements - two years here, one year back home - was a recipe for failure because if they had jobs there they wouldn't bother to come here in the first place. Instead, she wanted a constantly rolling "guest" worker program where the "guests" wouldn't leave: they'd get a five-year visa which was renewable for another five years, after which they could apply for citizenship.

Here are the relevant portions of her remarks on the full video:
"I think we need immigration reform immediately... it's something that I think has to be on the national agenda this year, and I support an earned path to citizenship...and I support policies to put that in place so that we can have comprehensive immigration reform.

Now, when you use a term like amnesty it's a very divisive term. It's one that no one agrees on what the definition is.

So, you know, my understanding of amnesty is that if you are here undocumented/illegal that the next day you're legal. I think there's enormous consensus on that that is not the most effective way, it's not going to be passed in the House or Senate, but actually an earned path to citizenship is much more reflective of the consensus.

It's exactly what our other Senator supports, an earned path to citizenship. It's what Senator Clinton supported, it's what our congressional delegation supports. So I think by having a view that an earned path to citizenship will be much more effective and something that we can actually pass is the right approach.

...What I hope to do is to encourage the Obama administration to put a comprehensive plan on the table in the first year, because I don't think it should be a political issue... I think if it's something that if people come together and have the benefit of all the information I've had there's enormous room for agreement and there's a lot of common ground that can be developed in both the House and the Senate to get this type of legislation passed now."
Obviously, it was a political issue for her: she did something approaching a 180 after intense lobbying from the New York Times, Hispanic leaders, and other supporters of illegal activity.

UPDATE: As if all the above wasn't enough, from this 2/2 report:
[She] told a group of 16 New York City politicians that she will use the group as a sounding board to help form her immigration policy, Assemb. Peter Rivera said [after the 2/1 meeting].
And, according to this, Gillbrand met with Chung Wha Hong of the New York Immigration Coalition on Monday and expressed regret and admitted that some of her votes were wrong and then agreed to the following demands:
A moratorium on government raids until Congress approves comprehensive immigration reform.

Clearing the backlog of entry applications that have forced immigrant families to wait years to be reunited with relatives, and ultimately reducing the application processing time to six months.

Ensuring the temporary worker program includes a path to citizenship.

The Wit and Wisdom of Barack Obama: a video compilation - 01/27/09

Despite what you might have heard, this site maintains a strict fair and balanced policy. Accordingly, I've compiled a video containing the best of Barack Obama. All of his stirring speeches, his brilliant policies, his challenging dialogues, and his intellectual inquiry have been combined into a moving video celebrating America's best president:

Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, pals need to take a Civics class - 01/21/09

All Hollywood and indeed the world have been waiting for my video reply to the recent Ashton Kutcher/Demi Moore opus in which they and their celebrity pals made various pledges, including to be Obama's "servant".

Without further ado:

CNN/Youtube: Don't ask Mike Huckabee this question - 08/02/07

Dear CNN:

Please do not choose the following video for the upcoming GOP debates.

Bush's original "guest" worker scheme revealed - 03/28/07

In this video segment from 2004, Margaret Spellings [1] described how Bush's original "guest" worker scheme would be open to *everyone*, specifically mentioning nurses, teachers, and high-tech workers. In brief, president Bush wanted to open (most of) the U.S. labor market to the world, including (previously) middle-class occupations.

Oddly enough, the Democrats completely failed to highlight Bush's disastrous, anti- and un-American plans during the 2004 elections. If they had, John Kerry would be president today.

Here's a fun video - 03/04/07

This is a little slow at the beginning, but it slightly picks up speed - as do I - near the end:

Background on this here.

Rotten Tomatoes for Karl Rove - 02/12/07

The following video is basically the moving version of the post about Karl Rove's remark about not wanting his son to pick tomatoes. Please promulgate it on my behalf.