Did Hawaii gov Abercrombie lie about seeing baby Obama? (1/09 interview)

The strange tale of Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie and Barack Obama's birth certificate continues with a video from early 2009 that might contradict Abercrombie's claim to have seen Obama as a baby.

See the video below, and here's the transcript:

At the end of 2010, Hawaii governor Neil Abercrombie said he was going to prove that Obama was born in Hawaii...

He said "I was here when that baby was born." But, questioned by the NYT, he admitted that he only meant that he'd only seen Baby Obama with his parents at social events...

However, it's not clear whether Obama's parents ever lived together.

Plus, Obama and his mother were in Seattle a few weeks to a few months after he was born...

In January 2011, Abercrombie said he'd found a "recording" that was "written down".

Notably, he didn't say he'd found a birth certificate...

Then just a few days later, Abercrombie said he couldn't release any information under Hawaiian law.

Those are the same laws that HI's Health Director appears to have ignored when making her statements...

Now, see this January 21, 2009 interview with Abercrombie [1].

Does it contradict his earlier claim about seeing Baby Obama?

EVANS: When was the first time you set eyes on Barack Obama?

ABERCROMBIE: Well, of course, that was after he was born [laughs]. Barak Sr. had met his mom, in a Russian class. She was scarcely, well, just out of High School really. And, they got married and, with statehood essentially, you know, within a year or so of statehood, Barack Obama was born. Barack Hussein Obama was born.

EVANS: Do you remember him growing up?

ABERCROMBIE: No, I remember him as a little boy, with his grandfather. Because his mother and father separated. That story's pretty well known. And, the father, Barak Sr. went on to the mainland to go to school, and then back to Kenya. And, his mom went on, married again. In the process, I would see Little Barry, as his grandfather called him, Little Barry and his grandfather mostly, all over. They walked everywhere. Stanley Dunham, his grandfather, took him everywhere. And, they met everybody and knew everybody...

There are two ways to interpret what he said. The first is that he did in fact see Obama as a baby.

In that case, "after he was born" means he saw Obama shortly after he was born.

The second interpretation is that "after he was born" was just a figure of speech or an attempt at a joke.

Abercrombie's strongest memories seem to be of Obama when he was old enough to "walk everywhere".

If he had seen Obama as a baby, one might expect tales of visiting the birth hospital, or specific "social events", or the like.

Yet, he just recounted how he'd seen Obama when he was old enough to "walk everywhere".

In any case, none of this means that Obama was born in Kenya, Canada, or on the moon. He was probably born in Hawaii, but - despite what you've heard - he hasn't proved it.

All of the evidence presented so far is full of holes, and Obama's defenders trip over themselves to lie and mislead for him.

And, Abercrombie's "interesting" statements and actions aren't helping his cause.

UPDATE: This concerns the last video in [1]:

A celebrity journalist now claims he misspoke when he said last week that Hawaii’s governor told him he was unable to find President Barack Obama’s original birth certificate after a search of state and hospital archives.

Mike Evans told FoxNews.com on Wednesday he was remorseful and embarrassed that he appeared to have given the impression that he had discussed the search for Obama’s birth certificate with Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie.

I don't think this is a matter of someone "getting to" Evans. Rather, he was just offering a flamboyant re-cap of one of the "Abercrombie can't find Obama's birth certificate" story.

Pressure MSM reporters - such as @markniesse or @JaymesSong - to press Abercrombie for specific "social events" where he claims he saw Baby Obama.

[1] The interviewer is syndicated radio reporter Mike Evans, and the interview was apparently broadcast over CSPAN on January 21, 2009, the day after Inauguration Day. The original videos (cached) are at youtube.com/watch?v=gsLleXvtM2o and youtube.com/watch?v=mVLmEG_8b7A. Evans recently recounted the interview at youtube.com/watch?v=nb--1AxmgZ8
ADDED: On the last, Evans makes claims that are being interpreted as him saying that Abercrombie told him that there's no birth record in Hawaii. However, whether that's what he's saying or whether he's just offering a re-cap of the "Abercrombie can't find Obama's birth certificate" story isn't clear. Perhaps in a future interview he'll provide a more definitive report.