Tea Party "Patriots" Admit Failure (They Just Don't Know It)

The Tea Party "Patriots" have released a promo video in which they admit that they've failed. And, to compound that failure, they don't realize that they're admitting that they've failed. You can see their promo at peekURL.com/vudfmnw and my video response is attached (and also available at peekURL.com/v5ky22y ).

The script of my response is below, first some notes:

* See tea parties for my extensive coverage, including things you won't hear from them or their other opponents.

* The speaker is Jenny Beth Martin of the Tea Party "Patriots", and the host is Herman Cain.

* Their video was, of course, promoted by Glenn Reynolds (instapundit.com/106062)

* Note the FreedomWorks logo on the podium. Another aspect of their failure is that the tea partiers think they're going to take on the Beltway establishment while being useful idiots for Beltway hacks like Dick Armey.


The following is from an actual Tea Party "Patriots" promo video. They can't highlight how they succeeded. Instead, they highlight how they failed.

Part of that failure is that they don't even know they're highlighting how they failed.

As you watch the graphics fly by, bear in mind that the "Patriots" failed to have an impact on any of the things they claim to oppose.

All their best efforts did not have an impact on any of those issues.

They could have made politicians listen to them, but their failings prevent them from doing things in more effective ways.

Instead, they think that signs, slogans, tantrums, dress-up games, red-baiting, hyperbole, and all the rest will work. Obviously it doesn't: they failed.

And, they're repeating their failed tactics: that promo is for a 2010 rally just like the first.
Do they expect a different result?

Note also that - aside from Arizona - the immigration issue is off their radar despite the fact that it's more fundamental than anything else on their list.

In fact, the teapartiers ignored illegal immigration for over a year, despite how fundamental it is, despite the great majority of Americans opposing it, and despite it being the Beltway's weakest issue.

One word sums up the tea party movement: failure.

Tea Party "Patriots" Admit Failure (They Just Don't Know It)