ThinkProgress lies for Obama (Cliff Kincaid on knowing where Obama was born)

On the 26th, Cliff Kincaid appeared at CPAC and said among other things:

back there in the 1980s at least we knew that our president was born in the United States

The ThinkProgress blog - run by the Barack Obama-linked Center for American Progress then lied about what he said, uploading a video with that quote under the false title "Cliff Kincaid Says President Obama Not Born in US" (link).

Obviously, saying we don't know where Obama was really born and saying that he wasn't born in the U.S. are too very different things. This shouldn't come as much of a surprise: both ThinkProgress and CAP frequently engage in sloppy thinking, logical fallacies, intellectual dishonesty, and so on. Sometimes, as in the current case, they just make things up.

Note that the Think Progress post with the video is entitled "CPAC audience roars with applause when speaker suggests Obama wasn’t born in U.S." (, which is a related lie: Kincaid didn't suggest where Obama was born, only that we don't know.

See my attached video reply, which also contains a summary of the Obama citizenship issue showing that no definitive proof of where Obama was born has yet been provided.