The other lame 'Times'

Ann Coulter discussing L.A. Times editor John Carroll's big speech:

The editor of the Los Angeles Times telling reporters how to behave ethically is a complete contradiction, like ... oh, I don't know ... giving Yasser Arafat a Nobel Peace Prize or something. You know, just patently silly.

This is the same L.A. Times that engaged in desperate, 11th-hour attempts to sabotage Arnold Schwarzenegger during the California recall election with lurid sex stories from anonymous assistant crudite girls who worked the craft services tables on Arnold's movies from the 1980s and were still trying to break into show biz 20 years later.

This is the same L.A. Times that in recent years instituted racial and gender quotas for sources on "so-called" news — oops, I mean, news stories — which puts reporters in the position of having to round up a black expert on nuclear fusion, a Native American expert on cubism, and a female expert on great moments in football.

This is the same L.A. Times where reporters had to be told in an internal memo (from Carroll himself) to stop injecting opinion in news stories, specifically the practice of prefacing the term "pro-life" with the term "so-called..."

Read about Carroll's speech here.

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And Ann "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity!" Coulter calling him on it just adds to the humor.

Do you remember when they had the Bush AWOL from National Guard service story on the front page on July 4th? That pissed the hell out of me, and not at the person they wanted it too.