Only small, local Tea Party events this July 4, 2012

Remember the Tea Parties? Think back: on July 4th 2009, maybe 150,000 or so (0.05% of the U.S. population) turned out for a series of rallies held throughout the U.S. The one in Dallas even included such notables as Mickey Dolenz (the Monkees) and Stephen Crowder (famous on the internet).

Then, on July 4th 2010, things cooled down somewhat. Later that year, they helped with a GOP landslide victory and at the same time cost the GOP several Senate seats.

In 2011, I didn't even bother to note whether there were any Teaparty rallies across the U.S.: by then their popularity had receded even further, even if their delusions about their popularity have never faded.

Now, in 2012, the most that I can find are a few small local events such as the "4th Annnual Independence Day Tea Party" in Philadelphia, featuring such luminaries as a local talk show host, the Delaware Small Businesswoman of the Year, Senate candidate Tom Smith ("schedule permitting"), and someone from the Bucks County Teen Republicans (

Or, the "July 4th God-N-Country Day from 9AM-2PM at the First Conservative Baptist Church in Mandarin", Florida (


* The Teaparty "Patriots" just list one event, but it's just a meeting for the Brooklyn Tea Party and the start time is given as 2am. It's probably just an automatic scheduling error or similar.

* The umbrella group claims to have 1.8 million members in various groups, but has no events listed.

* just lists a few small, non-July 4th events in their calendar.

* Neither Teaparty Express nor Teaparty Nation seem to be highlighting any events.

* At post time, neither Glenn Reynolds nor Pajamas Media have a single thing on their front pages containing either "tea part" or "teapart".

* FreedomWorks (led by illegal immigration supporter Dick Armey) has no events listed or even a hint that tomorrow is Independence Day.

Of course, some will say I'm wrong about the above; they'll pretend that untold millions will attend untold thousands of events. Or, they'll say that the Teaparties have switched gears from street protests to political action.

And, they might be right about that: just like the Teaparty actions that blocked Obamacare, the Teaparty (or pre-Teaparty) actions that blocked the Stimulus, and the Teaparty actions that blocked amnesty.

P.S. See Tea Parties for extensive past coverage of them and detailed explanations of why they should and must be opposed, even by those who generally agree with them.