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Dustin Moskovitz
San Francisco, CA
I work on projects that help humanity thrive: @asana (co-founder), @GoodVentures, @vicariousinc. Previously connecting the world @facebook (co-founder).
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.@MaxCRoser: in USA news, @moskov showed he lacks the smarts & experience to do smart things to stop Trump. He blew millions on failed plans
Their only smart decision. RT @funder: @mcuban @moskov never gave the biggest #antitrump group money- and guys we even did an app!!!
RT @funder: @mcuban @moskov never gave the biggest #antitrump group money- and guys we even did an app!!! RT so they pony up. https://t.…
@moskov Thanks for the link! I did not know of the earlier uses.
@moskov Thanks for sharing! I hope King keeps being right.
RT @funder: #TrumpNeverReleasedTaxReturns cuz he is a scam artist @mcuban @moskov @SophiaBush @JoyAnnReid #AMJoy #imwithher #dems #obama #…
.@markpinc: stopping Trump was incredibly easy. @moskov spent 10s of millions on things that didn't work. Don't learn from that.
This election has taught us all that politics is the new philanthropy. Thanks @moskov
.@alexkotch: @moskov has spent 10s of millions, only to see Trump pull even. He refuses to use only thing that'd work. FB was just luck.
@mateagold @moskov This is really great but would be more useful w/ some data on how much to which outside groups.
UPDATED: Our 2016 mega-donor tracker, with @moskov & Cari Tuna cracking the top 10. (Includes contribs thru Oct. 19…
.@derekwillis: @moskov could spend $50k making & that'd have a much greater impact than his millions. FB = lucky.
Priorities USA Action's $18M haul in pre-general filing includes $2.5M from @moskov:
@24AheadDotCom_ If it all goes to hell, the first wave of people to be hung will be those who brought it down. cc @moskov
.@GeneticSequence: there are smart, much cheaper ways @moskov could stop Trump for sure, but he won't do them. What else does he get wrong?
.@GeneticSequence: best way to undercut @moskov is to point out how incredibly dumb he acts. He wastes millions on ineffective things.
.@moskov: hey Dustin, your Trump opposition is the dumb way to oppose him. Why do you choose to do things the dumb way? Aren't you smart?
.@moskov: why Manjoo is wrong: You can keep doing things the dumb way, or you can get smart. Which is better?
.@moskov: smarter idea: offer $10,000 to first trial attorney who *really* presses Trump on a question on video.
.@moskov: the groups you're giving $20 million to have consistently failed to stop Trump. They've had a year & they've just *helped* him.
.@moskov: you're donating to an org called "Color of Change", and you're accusing *Trump* of "tribalism"? Look up civic nationalism.