Conservative? CPAC panel promotes immigration amnesty for illegal aliens (Labrador, Helen Krieble, Whit Ayres, AAN)

Earlier today, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) had a panel session entitled "Respecting Families and the Rule of Law: A Lasting Immigration Policy" which featured five supporters of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Per the HuffPost ( ), there "wasn't much dissension on stage, but the audience wasn't entirely supportive". If you want people who represent the majority opinion of not just conservatives but Americans in general, you'll have to look somewhere else besides panels like this.

Those on the panel included:
* Rep. Raul Labrador (supports legalizing most illegal aliens, just not giving them citizenship)
* Whit Ayres (the pollster who tried to weaken Mitt Romney on immigration)
* Jennifer Korn of the American Action Network (see the last link)
* Dan Garza of the LIBRE Initiative
* Helen Krieble (wealthy heiress from the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation, see her name's link)

The panel was moderated by Helen Aguirre Ferré, host of "Zona Politica" on Univision.

At the event, Labrador said: "I know (immigration debate tone) is important but we need to stop flagellating ourselves... You have five Republicans that have that rhetoric." He didn't name them.

It should be noted that CPAC is run by the American Conservative Union, and the ACU is headed by Al Cardenas. He's on record as supporting amnesty.