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Larry Kudlow is still not in touch with reality on immigration - 05/23/14

... American Conservative Union chairman Al Cardenas joined in that call, as did Robert Gittelson, president of Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Gittleson is married to an immigration lawyer, and he is or was involved in the garment industry. He has at least one direct financial interest in comprehensive immigration reform, and perhaps two or more. Whether the others mentioned are...

Conservative leaders who support Marco Rubio's amnesty (Hannity, O'Reilly, Norquist, Cardenas, Krauthammer...) - 01/22/13

... matters in this country." [7] * Al Cardenas of the American Conservative Union (CPAC) American Conservative Union's Al Cardenas: "Kudos to @MarcoRubio for leading on immigration reform w/ conservative principles. Now the hard work begins. Don't let libs get ahead. #tcot" (Twitter, Al Cardenas, 1/15/13) [1] In Townhall ...Let me be clear - I do not support "amnesty." There should be no path to...