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Conservative? CPAC panel promotes immigration amnesty for illegal aliens (Labrador, Helen Krieble, Whit Ayres, AAN) - 03/14/13

... Mitt Romney on immigration) * Jennifer Korn of the American Action Network (see the last link) * Dan Garza of the LIBRE Initiative * Helen Krieble (wealthy heiress from the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation, see her name's link) The panel was moderated by Helen Aguirre Ferré, host of "Zona Politica" on Univision. At the event, Labrador said: "I know (immigration debate tone) is important but we need...

Conservative leaders who support Marco Rubio's amnesty (Hannity, O'Reilly, Norquist, Cardenas, Krauthammer...) - 01/22/13

... people thinking about 2016." [8] * Jennifer Korn of the Hispanic Leadership Network: "It's good for Marco Rubio and conservatives to address the issue prior to that, so it doesn't look like they're only reacting to Obama... We need to be pro-active." [8] * Jennifer Rubin [...several misleading statements deleted...] [Rubio] will have demonstrated political courage and helped his party to get...