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Helen Krieble

Helen Krieble is the heiress to the Loctite fortune and head of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. For years she's been promoting a "Red Card" guest workers scheme, see the link for how it wouldn't work. Those who've assisted her in promoting that plan have included Dick Armey of FreedomWorks, CPAC, and those who are part of the Koch family extended network.

Last modified Sep 7, 2014
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Ben Powell promotes Red Card plan, H1Bs using shaky economics (immigration, Forbes) - 10/19/13

... fail, see the entries on the Helen Krieble page (she's the daughter of Vernon K., heir to the Loctite fortune, and owner of a horse ranch). 2. "Estimates" from the Western Growers Association are shaky at best; see the link and the crops rotting in the fields page. For the wider issue, see the entries on the immigration agriculture page. The large number of illegal aliens in the U.S. - whether...

Eric Schmitt's strange immigration talking point (Missouri state senator) - 10/17/13

... video is from were: Guy Benson, Helen Krieble, Grover Norquist, and a Univision reporter. It's highly unlike that Schmitt or his aides came up with the word "orderly" on their own, so please take a moment and tweet him to ask where they got it from: @Eric_Schmitt

Jason Stverak misleads about immigration and the free market (Franklin Center, Koch, Krieble) - 10/04/13

... originator of the "Solution" is one Helen Krieble, heir to the Loctite fortune and owner of a horse ranch. See her name's link for more. Want to do something about this? At a high level, work against the Koch family. That's obviously difficult because they spread their money around and even those who aren't in their pay now don't want to cross them in case there are future sinecures down the...

Conservative? CPAC panel promotes immigration amnesty for illegal aliens (Labrador, Helen Krieble, Whit Ayres, AAN) - 03/14/13

... Garza of the LIBRE Initiative * Helen Krieble (wealthy heiress from the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation, see her name's link) The panel was moderated by Helen Aguirre Ferré, host of "Zona Politica" on Univision. At the event, Labrador said: "I know (immigration debate tone) is important but we need to stop flagellating ourselves... You have five Republicans that have that rhetoric." He didn't name...

CNN Republican Presidential Debate November 22, 2011 (Heritage, AEI, Washington DC, GOP, Romney, Gingrich, Cain, Perry, Ron Paul, Bachmann, Santorum, Huntsman) - 11/22/11

... else is that he also promoted Helen Krieble's absurd Red Card immigration plan. See that link for a long discussion of just some of the very many things wrong with it. As with everything else that happens in debates, that illustrates exactly why we need policy debates with experts able to ask the candidates real questions. Wolf Blitzer doesn't know Helen Krieble from Alex Trebek, but someone...

Helen Krieble's absurd Red Card "Temporary" Workers "Solution" - 06/23/09

Helen Krieble - president of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation, an heir to the Loctite fortune, and an associate of Dick Armey - has been pushing her own guest workers plan for a few years. Now, apparently she wants to give it yet another try and has come out with the "Red Card" scheme, which is similar to the plan offered a few years ago by Mike Pence. In a word, her plan is absurd: it's divorced...

Dick Armey, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Mike Pence, and Helen Krieble do lunch - 09/26/06

... Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN, 6), and Helen Krieble, President of the Vernon K. Krieble Foundation. It was her brilliant idea - perhaps as a way to get cheap labor for her horse ranch - that led to the Pence massive amnesty scheme, you know, the one that would allow unlimited immigrants. Pausing briefly to wipe the "cheap" vegetables off his chin, Dick offers the usual false choice as well...