Chris Romer's immoral "moral call": let illegal aliens take college educations from U.S. citizens

Colorado state senator Chris Romer - Democrat and son of former CO governor and LAUSD superintendent Roy Romer - wants illegal aliens in his state to get in-state tuition. That would be a state version of the national DREAM Act, an explicitly anti-American bill that would let foreign citizens who are here illegally deprive U.S. citizens of college educations.

If you live in CO and you want to do something about this, go to one of his public appearances and ask him this question. Get his response on video, and then upload it to video sharing sites where his potential voters can find it. His email is also on his site:

Note that he's using false compassion to sell the bill (link):

"We need to give them a chance to sit at the table of higher education with all of our students... So this is not only an economic essential, it's a moral call for us to make this right for all children.

The moral solution is to discourage illegal activity and encourage sending countries to take care of their own people, and it's to avoid depriving our own citizens of educations when those could easily be provided by those sending countries.

Note also that one supporter is "Dick Monfort, a Weld County cattleman, chairman of the University of Northern Colorado Board of Trustees and the owner of the Colorado Rockies."


He seems to be firmly in the camp of those who think being here illegally should have no consequences. But you can see why this issue seems to have a life of its own -- it's hard not to feel some human sympathy for kids brought here illegally by their parents, and I guess supporters keep thinking they can tap that to get support for measures like this.

My comment is my daughter is in her 3rd year of colleage always on the honor roll in high school and has made the national deans list many times over in college future more we did not have money to send her to college and the government sure did not help her in any way,which resulted in her being deep in debt when she gets out of college The goverment wants to help illegals that is why ower country is in the mess we are in.stop helping people who didnt earn it,oh by the way this family is all citizens born and raised

Does the word illegal mean anything anymore? Why should a person here in let's say wyoming have to pay more than somebody here illegally! They are a citizen, and you are asking them to pay more . It is time to have them go thru the right channels to become a citizen, apperantly the can read and write english so have them do it right. Stop spoon feeding the situation that is escalating, and do what is right.