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Samuel Brooks, Marissa Harris scaremonger PA bill against benefits for illegal aliens - 05/18/09

Pennsylvania state senator Joe Scarnati is the author of state Senate Bill 9, about which he writes (link):

Illegal aliens who live in Pennsylvania would be unable to obtain public benefits, including Medicaid, welfare and in-state college tuition, under legislation sponsored by Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati that was approved [April 1] by the Senate with a bi-partisan vote of 41 to 9... Scarnati's bill would require anyone requesting public benefits in the Commonwealth to provide identification proving they are legal residents. Additionally, they would be required to sign an affidavit stating they are a U.S. citizen or an alien lawfully present in the United States...

Sounds good so far. Of course, some aren't entirely happy, and those include Samuel Brooks (staff attorney at Community Legal Services of Philadelphia) and Marissa Harris of the Lutheran Advocacy Ministry of Pennsylvania who offer "Anti-immigrant myths foster costly ID bill in Pennsylvania" (link). Their article is highly similar to one written by Michael Froehlich of Brooks' organization (, with the exception that the first starts with an edge case designed to scaremonger this issue. If they're really concerned about U.S. citizens who don't have government-issued ID (of which they say there are around 800,000 in PA), then their better course of action would be to suggest a change to the bill in order to make solving problems with the identification process easier. And, if there are such problems, then they can rest assured that the mainstream media will be eager to take the side of those citizens negatively affected.

So, why aren't they doing that? Why are they only concentrating on unemployment benefits and not mentioning all the other forms of benefits involved, including those that involve a zero sum game such as the fact that any college discount given to an illegal alien is one taken from a U.S. citizen? Why do they complain about the bill supposedly making it difficult to get unemployment benefits at the same time as they complain about "requir[ing] the state to hire hundreds of new workers to check identification and store records"? Why, when claiming that the bill won't save Pennsylvanians any money, don't they mention things like all the costs associated with providing in-state tuition? Why don't they acknowledge the fact that the bill would discourage illegal aliens from moving to their state? Why don't they acknowledge the fact that the U.S. citizen children of illegal aliens might be eligible for various welfare programs to which their parents aren't entitled? Why their argument is internally inconsistent and why they didn't mention everything involved is all a big mystery, a great big mystifying mystery.

College Board comes out for anti-American DREAM Act, depriving U.S. citizens of college educations (Gaston Caperton, Thomas Rudin, Roberto Gonzales) - 04/21/09

The College Board - the group of over 5600 educational institutions that administers the SAT - has released a report advocating for the anti-American DREAM Act; that would let the illegal aliens covered under the bill take college educations away from U.S. citizens. See that link for the details and a question you're urged to ask those politicians who support the bill in order to discredit them. No matter how they want to evade the truth, the bottom line is that what the College Board supports would cause some U.S. citizens to not be able to go to college.

The report was authored by Roberto Gonzales of the University of Washington; his blurb is at [1]. An Associated Press article on them by Hope Yen is here. The PDF can be downloaded from

The president of the Board is former West Virginia governor Gaston Caperton, and the AP article quotes Thomas Rudin, their "Senior Vice President for Advocacy, Government Relations, and Development". If anyone can find direct contact information for either, please leave a comment; until such time, please contact them via

A quick scan of the report shows this misleading paragraph:

Such legislation has not precipitated a large influx of new immigrant students, displaced native-born students or been a financial drain on the education system. In fact, these measures tend to increase school revenues by bringing in tuition from students who otherwise would not be in college.50

The footnote is to NILC's Basic "Facts" about In-State Tuition for Undocumented Immigrant Students. If one assumes based on the paragraph that that footnote shows how those "undocumented" students don't displace the "native-born", one would be wrong since it just handwaves that impact away.

Please go to public appearances by supporters of the bill and get video of you asking them the question on the DREAM Act page. Really pressing even just one nationally-known supporter on this issue would have an impact on their political career and send a message to the rest.

NILC's Basic "Facts" about In-State Tuition for Undocumented Immigrant Students - 04/21/09

The National Immigration Law Center offers a misleading report called "Basic Facts about In-State Tuition for Undocumented Immigrant Students", last revised February 2009:

1. They say:

Colorado: Chris Romer's in-state tuition bill for illegal aliens fails - 04/07/09

Colorado state senator Chris Romer's bill that would have given college tuition to illegal aliens at the in-state rate has failed (link). He says he'll bring it back next year; if anyone would like to prevent that, ask him a variation of the question in the DREAM Act summary on video and upload his response to video sharing sites.

Five Dems voted against the bill: Morgan Carroll, Jim Isgar, Moe Keller, Linda Newell, and Lois Tochtrop.

Dems who voted for it included Abel Tapia and:

And in an at times angry speech, Senate President Peter Groff, a Denver Democrat and one of only two blacks in the legislature, hearkened to the civil-rights era and to the country's "dark past."... "I hope we can live with ourselves if we vote 'no' today," Groff said, accusing those who opposed the bill of not having the "courage" to do the right thing... Sen. Joyce Foster, a Denver Democrat who is the descendant of Jewish immigrants, invoked the Holocaust and appealed to senators' compassion... "I understand rules, and I understand laws, but sometimes we have to think with our hearts," Foster said, "and I beg you today to think with our hearts."

New Jersey governor's panel: in-state tuition, driver's licenses for illegal aliens (Corzine for 1st, against 2nd; wants halt to raids) - 04/02/09

From this:

A state panel on immigrant policy released recommendations Monday that include in-state tuition eligibility and driving privileges for illegal immigrants, as well as the creation of a commission on New Americans.

Gov. Jon S. Corzine, who convened the Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel on Immigrant Policy last August, said Monday he agrees that illegal immigrants, especially those brought to the U.S. as children and attending local schools, should be able to pay in-state tuition at the state's public colleges...

On the slightly better side of things, Corzine opposes the driver's licenses part. The link also has poll results, and they don't look too good for supporters of illegal immigration: only 33% support even limited drivers licenses, and only 20% support in-state tuition for illegal aliens (32% favor it for the children of illegal aliens; that shouldn't be an issue except as yet another indication of the problems with automatically granting citizenship to the children of illegal aliens).

Stimulus cost: $3.27 trillion over 10 years if Democratic programs allowed to continue - 02/12/09

Rep. Paul Ryan asked the Congressional Budget Office to estimate how much the stimulus plan would cost if increased funding for the twenty most Democratic Party-friendly provisions in the bill are made permanent.

Jason Song/LAT promotes illegal alien taking UCLA education from a U.S. citizen - 02/03/09

Jason Song of the Los Angeles Times offers "For an illegal immigrant, getting into UCLA was the easy part" (link), a PIIPP-like story of a woefully unprepared illegal alien's trials and tribulations raising money to attend that school.

Chris Romer's immoral "moral call": let illegal aliens take college educations from U.S. citizens - 01/30/09

Colorado state senator Chris Romer - Democrat and son of former CO governor and LAUSD superintendent Roy Romer - wants illegal aliens in his state to get in-state tuition. That would be a state version of the national DREAM Act, an explicitly anti-American bill that would let foreign citizens who are here illegally deprive U.S. citizens of college educations.

If you live in CO and you want to do something about this, go to one of his public appearances and ask him this question. Get his response on video, and then upload it to video sharing sites where his potential voters can find it. His email is also on his site:

Note that he's using false compassion to sell the bill (link):

"We need to give them a chance to sit at the table of higher education with all of our students... So this is not only an economic essential, it's a moral call for us to make this right for all children.

The moral solution is to discourage illegal activity and encourage sending countries to take care of their own people, and it's to avoid depriving our own citizens of educations when those could easily be provided by those sending countries.

Note also that one supporter is "Dick Monfort, a Weld County cattleman, chairman of the University of Northern Colorado Board of Trustees and the owner of the Colorado Rockies."

My question for Barack Obama (in-state tuition for illegal aliens) - 12/11/08

Change dot gov is soliciting questions from the citizens and allowing others to vote on submitted questions. Presumably Obama will answer the most popular questions and, as previously discussed this system shares the same flaws as other popular voting systems and is thus little more than a scam designed to fool people into thinking that Obama will answer tough questions.

As a test, I (using the same Robert Bellaire pseudonym as I used at MyBHO) submitted the following question. Due to character length limitations I didn't include as much supporting information as I would have wanted:

You support giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens. But, each such discount given to an illegal alien represents one that's taken away from a U.S. citizen. What would you say to a U.S. citizen who can't go to college because of what you support?

I wasn't able to determine a permalink for the question, but you can find it by searching for tuition illegal at

I predict it will get very few up votes and a larger number of down votes, and it might be marked as "inappropriate" and removed entirely as they've done with other questions. However, if I got, say, an Instapundit-level of traffic I could probably propel it near the top. And, that illustrates the peril of such systems and why they're a scam: the questions that Obama should be asked will never make it out of the starting gate.

12/29/08 UPDATE: I did slightly better than expected, getting 17 up and 13 down. More on that and the other questions here.

I also resubmitted the same question for Round 2 of their contest. They've added categories for education, defense, etc. meaning there will be slightly less noise. However, as before, my tough question will be ignored in favor of lightweight questions that Obama won't have trouble with.

Felipe Reinoso, Martin Looney want illegal aliens to take college discounts from U.S. citizens (Connecticut) - 02/23/08

Immigrant from Peru and Connecticut state Rep. Felipe Reinoso (D-Bridgeport) has introduced a bill that would let illegal aliens pay the in-state discounted rate for college educations in that state. Because college discounts and slots are a finite resource, this would have the impact of allowing illegal aliens to take those discounts and slots from U.S. citizens.

Their Senate Majority Leader Martin M. Looney (D-New Haven) is pushing a limited bill that would only cover community colleges, explicitly doing so as part of an incremental plan to cover all types of colleges.

Republican government Jodi Rell vetoed similar attempts last year.

[Looney says:] "It seemed to me that having the bill last year be vetoed, doing something that would be somewhat more incremental is a way to renew the debate on a more limited scale... ...I think the issue is still one of merit... These are, in fact, Connecticut's children, and many times these are children who all of their living memory is of life in Connecticut." Looney said he expected some people would oppose the bill and "demagogue on this issue," but he said he hoped there would be a practical way to find a solution for Connecticut students.

It would be great if those in CT could go to public appearances by Looney and Reinoso and focus in on the fact that their bills would harm U.S. citizens by letting foreign citizens who are here illegally take college discounts from them. Ask them what they would say to a U.S. citizen who can't go to college because of their bills, get their response on tape, and upload it to video sharing sites. The goal is to discredit them as greatly as possible and have an impact on their political careers.

E.J. Dionne, Chris Cillizza/WaPo realize: voters oppose illegal immigration (Niki Tsongas) - 10/19/07

Pundits have spilt a lot of ink trying to convince themselves that opposing illegal immigration is a losing political issue. Those include: Fred Barnes, Linda Chavez, Tamar Jacoby, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, Arlen Specter, and Michael Barone.

Now, we turn to the Washington Post's E.J. Dionne ("Test Run For 2008", link). Note, of course, that the Washington Post explicitly supports illegal immigration:
In Massachusetts's 5th Congressional District -- a collection of mill towns and affluent and blue-collar suburbs north of Boston -- the surprise issue was illegal immigration. [Jim Ogonowski] made it the centerpiece of an anti-Washington campaign. An Ogonowski news release, for example, accused Tsongas of being "committed to giving cheap college to illegals at taxpayer expense."

...[Niki Tsongas], a community college dean, favored granting in-state tuition rates to the children of undocumented immigrants. In Ogonowski's translation of that, Tsongas believed that "Massachusetts taxpayers should foot the bill for the college tuition of the children of illegals."

Republicans think the immigration issue helped Ogonowski, so the country may be in for a lot more of this sort of thing next year. "Everywhere we went, people wanted to talk about immigration," said Matt Wylie, Ogonowski's general consultant. "It was just coming up over and over again."

[...SCHIP may have helped her win...]
Earlier, Chris Cillizza of "The Fix" wrote (link):
[Ogonowski] also found fertile ground by calling for a crackdown on illegal immigration and decrying Tsongas' support for a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants as amnesty.

Does Howard Dean support U.S. Citizen Students of Color? - 11/13/05

Howard Dean appeared on Meet the Press earlier today, and explained that the Democratic Party has no plan, as this highly redacted yet accurate snippet shows:

...We have plenty of time to show Americans what our agenda is and we will long before the '06 elections... Right now it's not our job to give out specifics... When the time comes, we will [tell the Dem position on Iraq]... The time [to tell what their plan is] is fast-approaching. And I outlined the broad outlines of our agenda. We're going to have specific plans in all of these areas...

And, he said:

we played a big role in Tim Kaine's campaign

But, since Tim Kaine wants to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens, I'm having trouble reconciling this with something else the good Doctor said:

I saw a show last night which showed a young African-American man in California at the UC of Davis who hoped to go to law school. The Republicans want to cut $14 billion out of higher education so this kid can't go to law school. We're going to do better than that, and together, America can do better than that.

Let's call him "Mike", as in my fictional story about "Mike Jackson". Why does Howard Dean want to hurt all the Mike Jacksons in the U.S.? Why do Howard Dean and countless other Democrats want to take discounted college educations away from U.S. citizens - many of them Of Color - and give them to illegal aliens?

Virginia governor candidate Tim Kaine spins, misses on pro-illegal immigration stance - 10/29/05

The WaPo reports on a new ad from Republican Virginia gubanatorial candidate Jerry Kilgore in "Ad Attacks Kaine on Immigrant Issues". Obviously, it should be "illegal immigration issues", but, well, that's just how the WaPo sees things.

"Illegal immigration: a growing crisis," the ad's narrator says. "Kaine favors taxpayer-funded job centers and supports in-state tuition discounts for illegals. Taxpayer benefits for illegal immigrants? What part of 'illegal' does Tim Kaine not understand?"

They object to that ad:

But Kaine's campaign aides said the ad distorts the facts. The Democrat has said local governments -- not the state -- should decide whether to use public funding for day-laborer sites, such as the one that was approved in Herndon in August, the aides said.

That's just a dodge. Kaine could blame local Herndon officials, as well officials in any other town that decided to spend public money helping illegal immigration gain a foothold in their communities. Someone needs to take a stand, and Kaine isn't up to the task.

And they said that Kaine opposes in-state tuition for immigrants in the country illegally. He would make an exception for tax-paying immigrants brought to the country by their parents and educated in the state's public schools, provided they were seeking to legalize their status. Gov. Mark R. Warner (D) vetoed a bill that would have barred illegal immigrants from the tuition benefits in 2003 because it did not grant this exception.

So, under the Kaine plan, millions of illegal aliens could bring their teenage children here, stay a while, and then as long as they made an amorphous pledge get discounted college educations?

And, since there are only a finite number of such discounts available, what would Timothy Kaine say to those American citizens who had their discount taken away by a citizen of some other country?

Previously: "VA: Kilgore, Kaine pledge to crack down on illegal alien employers" and "WaPo Virginia poll: only 8% support illegal alien hiring halls".