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Pro-corporate Benjy Sarlin fails to follow the money on immigration reform (MSNBC, amnesty) - 09/24/13

Benjy Sarlin of MSNBC offers "On immigration, GOP swing votes want it both ways" ( ). Like other pro-comprehensive immigration reform articles it's very corporate friendly, using vulnerable illegal aliens to cover its agenda.

Do red states give more to charity than blue states? - 08/20/12

Reuters says, "[r]ed states give more money to charity than blue states, according to a new study" (link, [1]). Just one problem: that's not true. In fact, blue states gave over twice as much in dollar terms than red (depending on the blue/red definition).

CIS: Immigrants use welfare at higher rate than natives - 04/06/11

Some of the findings of a new study from the Center for Immigration Studies ("Welfare Use by Immigrant Households with Children: A Look at Cash, Medicaid, Housing, and Food Programs", link) include:

# In 2009 (based on data collected in 2010), 57 percent of households headed by an immigrant (legal and illegal) with children (under 18) used at least one welfare program, compared to 39 percent for native households with children.

# Immigrant households’ use of welfare tends to be much higher than natives for food assistance programs and Medicaid. Their use of cash and housing programs tends to be similar to native households.

# A large share of the welfare used by immigrant households with children is received on behalf of their U.S.-born children, who are American citizens. But even households with children comprised entirely of immigrants (no U.S.-born children) still had a welfare use rate of 56 percent in 2009.

# Immigrant households with children used welfare programs at consistently higher rates than natives, even before the current recession. In 2001, 50 percent of all immigrant households with children used at least one welfare program, compared to 32 percent for natives.

# Households with children with the highest welfare use rates are those headed by immigrants from the Dominican Republic (82 percent), Mexico and Guatemala (75 percent), and Ecuador (70 percent). Those with the lowest use rates are from the United Kingdom (7 percent), India (19 percent), Canada (23 percent), and Korea (25 percent).

# The states where immigrant households with children have the highest welfare use rates are Arizona (62 percent); Texas, California, and New York (61 percent); Pennsylvania (59 percent); Minnesota and Oregon (56 percent); and Colorado (55 percent).

Per this:

Some immigrant-advocacy groups criticized the report, saying it was engineered to inflame anti-immigrant sentiment by making an unequal comparison between immigrant households, which tend to be low-income, and all native households, including low-income and high-income households.

Immigrant households use welfare programs at about the same rate when compared with the low-income native households, said Jonathan Blazer, an attorney at the National Immigration Law Center an immigrant-advocacy group in Washington, D.C.

Since that appears to be the best argument that opponents can offer, CIS's report must be solid. Why are we allowing millions of poor people to immigrate here when we already have more poor Americans than our social welfare programs can apparently handle? Especially since the future for those poor immigrants and their children doesn't look very promising, as even Obama admits? What's going to happen to our social welfare programs as the children of those poor immigrants and their children retire?

Possible massive voter fraud in Arizona and Colorado (SEIU link) (update: state denies it) - 10/25/10

A group linked to the Service Employees International Union might be involved in massive voter registration fraud in Arizona and Colorado. From Russell Pearce (link):

There has been an accusation that 65% of 5000 voter registration forms, submitted by Mi Familia Vota and One Vote Arizona, in Yuma County on the last day of filling are invalid due to the registrant not being a citizen, wrong/invalid address, false signature, etc. I also understand that these 2 groups have signed up 20,000 states wide and they have requested that 45,000 be put on the permanent early ballot. If 65% of these last minute registration forms in Yuma are invalid, which may be more as they are still checking the rest, then what is the percentages of invalid in Maricopa, Pima and other counties...

Yesterday a Colorado judge threw out 6000 bogus voter registration forms submitted by the same SEIU off shoot Mi Familia Vota here in Arizona...

A big word of caution: the person making the 65% claim is an anonymous source of r/w blogger "Publius Pundit" (link), and this story is being spread by Gateway Pundit (link) at Andrew Breitbart's site (link). The Colorado story was reported in their local media, but the Arizona story has yet to be confirmed. At the least, Mi Familia Vota does appear to have close ties to the SEIU.

UPDATE: It's a good thing I added the "big word of caution". Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett has issued a press release "set[ting] the record straight on voter-registration fraud/Office watching issue closely, but confident that Internet rumors are without merit " (link) which includes:

Rumor: Activist groups Mi Familia Vota and One Vote Arizona filed 3,000 voter-registration forms with Yuma County in recent days.

Reality: Arizona's voter-registration deadline for the General Election passed on Oct. 4. Last week, groups like Mi Familia Vota did submit in Yuma County a few thousand applications for the state's Permanent Early Voter List, which qualifies voters to receive an early ballot. About 45% of those requests were rejected, in most cases because the applicant was already on the early-ballot list. No voters will receive more than one ballot. Oct. 22 was the deadline to request an early ballot for the General Election.

Rumor: As much as 65% of the last-minute voter-registration forms submitted by Mi Familia Vota and One Vote Arizona were deemed invalid by Yuma County .

Reality: In the 10 days leading up to the Oct. 4 registration deadline, Yuma County received 822 applications for voter registration. Of those, 84 were rejected.

Rumor: Other counties across Arizona , including Maricopa and Pima, have also been the target in recent weeks of systematic voter-registration fraud by Mi Familia Vota, One Vote Arizona and other groups.

Reality: No elections officials in Arizona 's 15 counties are reporting an inordinate number of invalid registration forms, nor a coordinated attempt to circumvent the state's voter-registration laws.

Between the end of July and Oct. 4, the deadlines to register for the Primary and General Elections, Pima County processed 29,192 valid registration forms. An additional 762 were rejected because they were incomplete or failed to prove citizenship. The bulk of the rejected forms were submitted by University of Arizona students who failed to include all necessary information, including a driver's license number and signature. Mi Familia Vota submitted just over 100 registration forms in Pima County, and a handful was deemed invalid.

During the 10 days leading up to the Oct. 4 deadline, Maricopa County received 6,129 voter-registration forms from Mi Familia Vota and similar groups. Of those forms, 1,417 were rejected.

Pearce has provided an update (link); he admits he might have relied on some bogus information, but he still thinks there's something there. It doesn't appear that "Publius Pundit" or BigGovernment have posted updates.

Colorado disabled one immigration status check for unemployment benefits; 900 illegal aliens flagged anyway - 08/06/10

From this:

State politicians are calling for an audit of the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment after a published report implied the Department might have intentionally tried to circumvent state law in dealing with illegal immigrants.

Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Executive Director Don Mares insisted his office did nothing improper when it decided in January of last year to suspend a particular software program designed to flag illegal immigrants trying to obtain unemployment benefits...

At issue is a bill passed by the state legislature in 2006. HB-1023 was designed to prevent illegal immigrants from obtaining certain forms of government aid. It required state agencies to try to verify status of applicants before handing over something like an unemployment check.

Mares says they had other systems in place, but contemporaneous emails have workers in his office worrying whether they were violating the law by disabling the checks. He also claims that due to their other methods they flagged 900 illegal aliens seeking benefits in the first nine months of 2009, and no one knows how many weren't flagged. That data point also contradicts claims by some advocates that illegal aliens not only don't receive public benefits, but don't even try to receive them (not that you needed additional proof to know that those advocates have problems with the truth).

Fmr CO state Sen. Polly Baca tells American: "Go back to Europe" - 04/08/09

Polly Baca is a former Colorado state senator and a supporter of illegal immigration who is/was linked into the Western Union gravy train and who served as the spokeswoman for a pro-illegal immigration group headed by Federico Pena.

After Chris Romer's recent attempt to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens failed, she posted about it on her Facebook page. Subsequently, an Air Force veteran named Gregory Williams left a response (link; note that he thought she was still in office):

I, as a Coloradan, am glad your bill got shot down. Colorado has continued to shout 'no amnesty, no special concessions for illegal aliens' and you continue to ignore our voices... Looking forward to the day you are run out of office and me pushing the pitchfork.

She responded thusly (link):

"My family has been in Colorado for several hundred years before your family got here. We founded Colorado and helped write our state constitution. Go back to Europe or wherever you came from. We don't need ignorant people who don't know our history here in this state. Your hate-filled and misguided ramblings don't deserve any further response."

It's merely ironic that Baca is herself European; whether for profit or due to psychological issues she seems to think she's indigenous. What's more important is that her mindset is fairly widespread and all it takes in many cases is a little heated argumentation to bring such thoughts to the fore.

Colorado: Chris Romer's in-state tuition bill for illegal aliens fails - 04/07/09

Colorado state senator Chris Romer's bill that would have given college tuition to illegal aliens at the in-state rate has failed (link). He says he'll bring it back next year; if anyone would like to prevent that, ask him a variation of the question in the DREAM Act summary on video and upload his response to video sharing sites.

Five Dems voted against the bill: Morgan Carroll, Jim Isgar, Moe Keller, Linda Newell, and Lois Tochtrop.

Dems who voted for it included Abel Tapia and:

And in an at times angry speech, Senate President Peter Groff, a Denver Democrat and one of only two blacks in the legislature, hearkened to the civil-rights era and to the country's "dark past."... "I hope we can live with ourselves if we vote 'no' today," Groff said, accusing those who opposed the bill of not having the "courage" to do the right thing... Sen. Joyce Foster, a Denver Democrat who is the descendant of Jewish immigrants, invoked the Holocaust and appealed to senators' compassion... "I understand rules, and I understand laws, but sometimes we have to think with our hearts," Foster said, "and I beg you today to think with our hearts."

CO Springs Gazette rescinds endorsement of Chris Romer in-state tuition for illegal aliens ("the politics of sleaze") - 04/04/09

The Colorado Springs Gazette has rescinded their endorsement of state Sen. Chris Romer's bill that would give in-state tuition to illegal aliens: link. The reason is because he and some of his colleagues took advantage of the absence of another colleague who had to take his ill father to a nursing home.

Colorado: discredit Peter Groff over in-state tuition for illegal aliens (bill passes Senate committee) - 03/06/09

Colorado state senator Chris Romer is pushing for that state to give in-state tuition to illegal aliens, and yesterday his bill passed a state senate committee (link). CO senate president Peter Groff is quoted as saying:

"For me, this is a moral issue, that we should not shackle the future of children because of the sins of their fathers."

If you oppose this bill, one of the best ways to fight it is to have an impact on the career of one of the politicians who supports it. And, you can do that by asking either Romer or Groff a very tough question - not a rant - designed to show that they're engaging in false compassion and that they're putting the interests of foreign citizens ahead of the interests of U.S. citizens. Video of their response can then be uploaded to Youtube. If the person's name is put in the title of the video and it gets enough views and high ratings, it will probably end up on the first page of Google search results for their name. And, that will send a message to other state or national legislators who try to take things away from U.S. citizens in order to give them to foreign citizens who are here illegally.

Here's a sample question you can ask:

You support giving in-state tuition to illegal aliens. But, each such discount given to an illegal alien represents one that's taken away from a U.S. citizen. What would you say to a U.S. citizen who can't go to college because of what you support?

If you aren't in Colorado or can't ask either of them that or a similar question, then please promote this plan via forums, local groups, and the like.

Elderly librarian ejected from John McCain event! (Don't worry about the details; ProgressNow) - 07/07/08

Denver, Colorado's ProgressNow - a group linked to both the Democratic Party and multi-millionaire illegal immigration supporter Jared Polis - is pushing the story of a poor, helpless, 61-year-old part time librarian who was arrested before a John McCain event just because she was holding a sign saying "McCain = Bush" (

Except, of course, there's more to it.

The "librarian" (Carol Kreck) works part-time for an "education think tank" (link). I haven't been able to determine which group that is, but it screams "Polis or affiliated" group to me. She's also a former Denver Post reporter (apparently under the name Carol Bell), so she's not a civilian either. There's also the question of whether she was on public or private property and whether they had a right to complain about the sign since no one else was allowed to have one. See the comment from someone who claims to be from Progress Now disputing the Denver Post's take, but for now I suggest putting this in the "Agitprop" category rather than the "Violation of First Amendment" category.

UPDATE: Per this:

It was Sen. John McCain's staff who asked security at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts to remove people holding protest signs at the venue — not U.S. Secret Service agents, who were not involved in Carol Kreck's ouster from the galleria... A previous federal appeals court decision determined that the galleria area where Kreck was standing is not necessarily a public spot and that protests can be curtailed there...

The "victim" herself weighs in here. She implies without offering any evidence that the Secret Service is lying. She also says - surprise - the ACLU is on the case.

Video of the arrest:

First Data Immigration Reform panel - 10/03/07

First Data Corporation - the current or former parent company of Western Union - conducted several immigration "reform" panels around the country in 2004. The [[July 22, 2004]] version was held in Denver and is described here.

That page describes how a fight broke out, which appears to have been initiated by an illegal immigration supporter.


McCain to ILIR Let's Get it Done! - 02/21/07

Irish Echo/Debbie McGoldrick/[[April 5, 2006]]/ link

Greeley, Colorado encouraging illegal immigration - 12/14/06

Greeley, Colorado is home to Swift and Company, which was recently raided by ICE.

Jared Polis, Colorado Springs awarded by Mexican government (Ohtli award) - 12/02/06

Jared Polis is a dotcom multimillionaire who serves as Vice-Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education. He's also donated large sums of cash to "liberal" causes and candidates. Last year, that Board produced Colorado's guide for illegal aliens, and Polis is also involved with ProgressNow.

On November 20, Polis' hard work paid off, as he was given Mexico's "Ohtli" award by their local consul general, Juan Marcos Gutierrez. As shall become clear, receiving that award might be considered a strong indication that the recipient is a Fifth Columnist:
...The award is the highest Mexican government award outside of Mexico. The Ohtli - Nahuatl for "path" - award is given to someone who has contributed to the betterment of the Mexican community and has helped Mexicans abroad.

"This was a tough year for us because of the race issues and immigration issues, so we look for a person who advocates for the Mexican community and who had done it for a long time," Gutierrez said. Polis "is smart, successful, and he has been one of the most effective advocates on education and the Dream Act."

...The "Amistad" award was given to the city of Steamboat Springs for its work in reaching out to its growing Latino community. Sister Alicia Cuaron was given the "Merito Communitario" award for her lifelong dedication to the Latino community...
The anti-American DREAM Act would take college discounts from U.S. citizens and give them to Mexican citizens and others who are here illegally.

Apparently recipients are nominated by a putatively U.S. organization, the National Association of Latino Elected Officials (NALEO). The awards are given by the Institute for Mexicans Abroad (Instituto de los Mexicanos en el Exterior), which is led by Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez. The IME is part of the Secretaria de Relaciones Exteriores, their state department. Earlier this CGG said:
"The basic concept is that the Mexican nation goes beyond the borders that contain Mexico. You can feel part of our nation without being on our territory... For the first time, we are exporting our politics. Many Mexicans now live 'transnational' lives, with one foot in our country and one foot in the other. This contributes to everyone's well-being."
Other recipients of the award include (source:

* Harry Pachon, president of the Tomas Rivera Policy Institute (1), former executive director of NALEO (2)

* Douglas, Arizona Mayor Ray Borane (frequent anti-Minuteman and/or pro-illegal immigration quote source)

* former Congressmen Edward Roybal and Eligio "Kika" de la Garza

* current Congressman Luis Gutierrez

* former Congressman and current Senator Bob Menendez (reasons for his award here:

* Ruben Barrales, Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States; White House Director of Intergovernmental Affairs

In 2003, a recipient was the assistant police Chief of Austin, Texas, Rudy Landeros. Vicente Fox was present when he was given the award, and it's related to a program started in 2000 by that city's police chief, Stan Knee:
[Knee] directed the launch of an outreach program to alert the community about the increase in robberies of Hispanics. The program consisted of a series of news conferences and an appeal to Hispanics to report crimes against them. Posters, bumper stickers, and radio public service announcements were distributed in both English and Spanish. The goal of this outreach program was to ensure the safety of the Hispanic immigrant community in the City of Austin.

The Austin Police Department is partnered with the Texas Secretary of State, Mexican Consulate, Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Wells Fargo... the project was called Banca Facil - Easy Banking.

In February 2001, APD Assistant Chief Rudy Landeros and Eliza May, Executive Director of the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce addressed the issue with Rick Burciaga, Chairman and CEO for Wells Fargo in Austin, encouraging Wells Fargo to participate in the outreach program. May indicated that one solution that would help protect the immigrant population would be to make banking products more easily accessible. It was the beginning of Banca Facil.
From 2005:
...Tommy Espinoza and Alfredo Gutierrez were honored at the Ohtli Award presentation, co-hosted by ASU and the Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico at the ASU Kerr Cultural Center.

...Espinoza is the chief executive officer of Raza Development Fund, the largest and most successful financial institution for the development for Hispanic communities. [...former president of Chicanos Por La Causa...]

Recently, he, along with the Consulate of Mexico, collected almost $2 million to fight the Proposition 200 that was approved by the electorate of Arizona. The approval of this initiative was lowered from 76 percent to 56 percent.

...Gutierrez won a seat in the Arizona Senate in 1972. He was then 27 years old and the youngest person who had ever been elected to the state Senate. For 14 years he served Arizona in that capacity. He now leads Tequida & Gutierrez, a consulting company that produces strategic campaigns in English and Spanish...

Karl Rove's pro-illegal immigration extended network - 07/15/06

Let's take a look at Karl Rove's new friends, the National Council of The Race ("La Raza") and who they're working with.

The group Defend Colorado New tried to pass Proposition 55 (similar to Arizona's Prop. 200 or CA's Prop. 187), but in June they were thwarted by a possibily activist CO Supreme Court.

On the other side is the deceptively-named Keep Colorado Safe. Their front people include former Denver mayor Federico Pena and former monkey-shiner Gary Hart. However, as discussed here, most of KCS's money is coming from... inside the Beltway.

The most generous supporter is the Service Employees International Union, a far-left, pro-illegal immigration group. And, another supporter is... Karl Rove's buddies at the NCLR.

As described in the latest article, KCS was originally formed to oppose an initiative from Tom Tancredo, and:

The group included representatives from more than a dozen local organizations, including Colorado Progressive Coalition, Rights for All People, American Friends Service Committee and Padres Unidos. They were old allies, joining in 2002 to defeat the English-only measure Amendment 31.

All of those worthy groups are part of Karl Rove's extended network of friends. Others in his extended network include:

...the political consulting firm of Welchert & Britz... Catherine Han Montoya, a former local social service agency worker who campaigned against Amendment 31, was now working at the National Council of La Raza... Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund and the Center for New Community. The three groups had just begun a collaboration to help states fight anti-illegal immigrant ballot initiatives through a $1.1 million grant from Atlantic Philanthropies... [which was] created in 1982 by Charles F. Feeney with his wealth from Duty Free Shoppers Group, Ltd., has given $3.4 billion in mostly anonymous grants across the world to civil rights and educational causes... Recently, the charity has made seven grants to U.S. organizations working on the immigration issue, including $7 million to a national group behind the spring wave of immigrant rallies... In addition to pledging money, the national organizations tried to unify local immigrant advocacy groups, including the Colorado Grassroots Movement for Immigrant Justice and the Coalition for Human Dignity Beyond Borders.... [Gary] Hart sits on the group's executive committee as does Mitch Ackerman, executive director of SEIU Local 105... Eliseo Medina, executive vice president of SEIU... has traveled frequently to Denver to work on the local campaign and said he does not expect that, or financial support, to stop... Bill Vandenberg, co-executive director of the Colorado Progressive Coalition and an executive committee member of Keep Colorado Safe [is unhappy with Pena's compromise]... Vandenberg said he will focus on working with the Grassroots Movement for Immigrant Justice, rather than Keep Colorado Safe, to alter the political environment... Fidel "Butch" Montoya, an immigrant activist, said "there's no reason to celebrate" the new laws and how Initiative 55 died.

Is the Colorado Supreme Court pro-illegal immigration? - 06/13/06

That court recently blocked Coloradans from voting on an initiative that, aside from administrivia, says this:
Except as mandated by federal law, the provision of non-emergency services by the state of Colorado, or any county, city, or other political subdivision thereof, is restricted to citizens of and aliens lawfully present in the United States of America.
They took this off the ballot because they claim that it involves more than one subject, something that initiatives are forbidden from doing by Colorado's constitution.

As discussed here and here, it seems to only deal with one subject and the court's reasoning seems a bit circuitous. So, perhaps there's something else involved.

As pointed out at the first link, the court approved a similar initiative in 2004, although it was challenged this time on a different issue.

The opposition group is the misleadingly-titled "Keep Colorado Safe", which is headed up by former Denver mayor Federico Pena. The petitioner in the challenge was one Manolo Gonzalez-Estay.

And, the spokesman for the group is someone mentioned here before: Polly Baca. I wonder if any other members have links to First Data/Western Union or if they were involved in this in any way.

Others involved include Mitch Ackerman, head of an SEIU local (Service Employees International Union). Also, Anna Sampaio, political science professor at the University of Colorado at Denver. The former interim chairwoman was Lorez Meinhold, executive director of the Colorado Consumer Health Initiative. They selected Pena to replace her after seeing him deliver a rousing speech before a May 1 illegal immigration march.

UPDATE: Surprisingly, the Rocky Mountain News disagrees with the court:
The court really had to reach to find that second subject, prompting us to conclude it worked backward from the finding it wanted instead of forward from the arguments made...

...We note for the record that this newspaper has taken no position on the initiative. The only issue that concerns us here is the people's right to launch ballot issues without contrived interference from the courts.

It's clear to us that the proposal doesn't even come close to violating the single-subject rule. If the high court can keep the electorate from voting on this issue, there's practically nothing that can get on the ballot if four members of the court don't want it there...

Greeley, CO: proposed ICE office meets illogical resistance - 11/20/05

From this:
...Since October, when [Weld County CO] District Attorney Ken Buck started seeking support for bringing a federal office to Greeley to expedite and increase deportations of illegal immigrants who've committed crimes in the county, proponents of the move have squared off against detractors.

WaPo gives free ad to Colorado's ProgressNow outfit - 10/10/05

The WaPo offers "Dean Camp's Tactics Applied to Colorado", a "Special to The Washington Post" article by Brian Faler:
A small advocacy group in Colorado is betting that it can take one state-of-the-art Web site [], add half a million dollars or so and end up with a potent tool that will enable it to organize the state's entire community of liberal activists.

ProgressNow, formed two years ago, is borrowing some of the online tactics that helped fuel the 2004 presidential campaign of Howard Dean, now the Democratic National Committee chairman. It has invited activists from across the state to use its Web site free to push most any issue they like...

It is one of the more unusual -- and ambitious -- efforts in grass-roots organizing at the state level. Notably, the group has no connection to the Democratic Party, which has launched its own effort to rebuild its state parties...
This article is reminiscent of an advertorial one might read in a trade mag, and it's discussed in more depth here. It's also worth looking at this organization's board of directors, one of whom is this:
Jared Polis is the President and Founder of the Jared Polis Foundation as well as Chair of the Colorado State Board of Education. As Chair, he will focus on recruiting and retaining quality teachers as well as spearheading the School for a New America. This is a new non-profit educational endeavor that will provide literacy tutoring for hundreds of recent immigrants to Colorado. He is a businessman and political activist who has founded and run several high-tech start-ups including, American Information Systems, Inc., and Dan’s Chocolates.
But, wait, there's much more about him and ProgressNow in "Tying up the loose ends on Colorado's guide for the illegal alien". Even if the WaPo wants to give free ad space to far-left groups, perhaps they should consider publishing a correction about at least one of the things in their article.

For instance, at the page Colorado Democratic Initiatives and Organizations from the Colorado Democratic Party, the Secretary of the "Democratic Education Initiative" is listed as Scott Groginsky, with an email of "". Groginsky is or was Polis' "Education Policy Director".

And, at the page "Elected Democratic Officials" from the Boulder County Democrats, Polis himself is listed as such an official.

I don't know exactly how the Washington Post defines "ties", but just those connections certainly meet my definition.

Please write to ombudsman *at* and ask them to improve their coverage.

The Denver Post's sloppy journalism - 07/10/05

Last year a fight broke out during a one-sided immigration forum in Colorado. An anti-illegal immigration activist had attended the meeting and spoke out against the biased panel and the various statements they made. A pro-illegal immigration activist reportedly told her to shut up, and it degenerated into fisticuffs and torn clothing. The pro-illegal immigration activist, Julissa Molina-Soto, was arrested, tried, and eventually found not guilty. However, the other participant, Terry Graham, has brought a civil suit against her and the company that sponsored the forum. A description and pictures of the fight are here, the forum is described here>, Graham's site is here, and see this description of Polly Baca, one of Molina-Soto's defenders.

The sponsor of the forum was First Data, the parent company of Western Union. WU makes a handsome profit off sending remittances to Mexico. They've also created a $10 million Empowerment Fund to support "Latino" causes. And, they also oppose Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) because of his opposition to illegal immigration.

With that out of the way, the Denver Post offers a profile of Molina-Soto entitled "Clash, acquittal stoke advocate's political fire". Suffice it to say that the profile practically elevates her to sainthood. And, it includes the following:

"I want justice and I did not get it in the criminal case," Graham said. She is soliciting funds on a website she runs to pay for her case against Soto. The website for the Stormfront White Nationalist Community also carries a solicitation for Graham.

I've seen some sleazy, pro-illegal immigration statements in news rags, but that ranks right up there. Does the Denver Post have any evidence that Graham is associated with the latter group, posted the solicitation, or even knows that it exists? I used google to search both sites. While I found at least one posting at the group's site asking people to send her money, I didn't find anything at Graham's site that would indicate a link from her to them.

Does the Denver Post know the definition of "yellow journalism" or of "guilt by association?" It barely needs mentioning that no responsible, professional editor should have let that one through.

Note that the article also seems to have a factual error, claiming that Graham was a member of the Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform. Yet, that group says: "Neither the attacker or woman who was attacked were members of Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform".

And, note that the Denver Post article is about someone whose race seems to rule everything she does. And, it was written by someone who is presumably of the same race as the subject. And, as described here, many of those who Molina-Soto associates with seem to be obsessed with their race.

This sleazy rag even has an ethics policy:

A strong sense of fair play must imbue our writing, accurately reflecting motives of sources. The tone and language of stories must be even-handed and avoid loaded phrasing.

Contact their editor, Gregory Moore, at gmoore *at* or (303) 820-1400 and suggest they read through their own policy a few times.

"America is ours... This used to be Mexico" - 06/27/05

The Vail Daily newspaper offers up "Migrant brings his family to Colorado" (link). It's truly a charming tale of someone who's been working illegally in the U.S. for 13 years, doing the field work that Americans won't do. Now, he's brought his whole family here: wife and four kids. They entered on tourist visas, but they're staying and three of the kids will be going to school. He's going to have to find an additional job to pay for their clothing and books.

Tying up the loose ends on Colorado's guide for the illegal alien - 02/09/05

Colorado recently removed from its website a guide that gives tips for illegal aliens living in Colorado. Those involved in producing the guide included, to varying degrees: the Mexican government, the Colorado Department of Education, Colorado Gov. Owens, various "immigrant's rights" groups, and First Data/Western Union.

Rep. Tom Tancredo complained about the guide and caused it to be removed from Colorado's site. This, of course, caused the other side to fire up their race-baiting and strike back. From a group called ProgressNow (link):

Colorado Department of Education Vice-Chairman asks:
Does Gov. Owens Support Rep. Tancredo's anti-immigration/anti-Bush policy?

The same week that Rep. Tom Tancredo took his anti-immigration pledge on the road to New Hampshire, Governor Owens played lackey to Rep. Tom Tancredo, jumping to action when Rep. Tancredo demanded that a guide for immigrants be taken off the Colorado Department of Education's website. The Congressman demanded, and Gov. Owens did as he was told...

Coloradans, including Jared Polis, Vice-Chairman of the Colorado State Board of Education found the Governor's action unwarranted. "Governor Owens' action furthering Congressman Tancredo's far right agenda was completely inappropriate," stated Polis. "Tancredo's hateful venom is now affecting his Republican colleagues," Polis added.

Michael Huttner, Executive Director of ProgressNow.Org , said because of the Governor's actions concerning the website, Owens needs to clarify his stand: "Does Governor Bill Owens join Rep. Tancredo in his extremist views on closing American borders and using the military to enforce that closure? Does Gov. Owens support Rep. Tancredo's racist, anti-immigrant agenda? Does Gov. Owens really believe that Latino and other immigrants are 'coming across our borders to kill you and your children.'" [Footnote 2]...

...ProgressNow.Org Executive Director Michael Huttner calls for the Governor and the rest of Colorado Republicans to make their positions clear: Either they disavow Tancredo and what the Wall Street Journal Editorial board called his "exploit[ation of] the terror attacks to advance [his] anti-immigration agenda...." [Footnote 3] or their silence stands as tacit approval of Tancredo's extremist views...

2: Tancredo quoted in the Atlanta Journal Constitution 2/03/04
3: Wall Street Journal Editorial 3/18/02

First, let's put Tancredo's statement from Footnote 2 into its proper context:

Paper: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The (GA)
Title: Panelists denounce illegal immigrants
Date: February 3, 2004
Section: Gwinnett
Page: JJ2

..."If Republicans don't do something about the border, Republicans can't say we're doing all we can to protect you," U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo told a standing-room-only audience at Mount Vernon Baptist Church in Atlanta.

"They are looking for jobs, yes, but there are people coming into this country to kill you and your children. Maintaining the borders are essential to our survival."

Tancredo, a Colorado Republican, joined U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal of Gainesville and Rick Oltman, a field representative for the Federation for American Immigration Reform to talk about illegal immigration before about 300 people...

Obviously, his full quote shouldn't be shocking to anyone with any sense. Given ProgressNow's baseless smears and selective quoting, is there any reason to believe anything this organization says?

And, why would a supposedly "progressive" organization be on the same side of as issue as the Wall Street Journal, a paper that wants open borders in order to keep the price of labor as low as possible? The Wall Street Journal's goals certainly seem closer to feudalism than "progress." However, they and ProgressNow do share something in common: yellow journalism.

To tie all of this together, Colorado's guide for illegal aliens was produced by the Colorado State Board of Education, of which Jared Polis is the Vice-Chairman. Jared Polis is an internet m/billionaire who founded and, two sites that you might want to avoid. (Assuming pending further information that he's still involved with them). Polis apparently spent a great deal of money to gain his seat, and is trying to bring others with him.

For more information on him, see Polis's Eminem Fan Letter Embarrasses Democrats and Millionaires' Initiatives Fall With A Thud

There's apparently some connection between Polis, Huttner ("Executive Director of ProgressNow.Org"), and the Rocky Mountain Progressive Network. Polis appears to be a contributor to

So, it all kind of ties together nicely, doesn't it?

This isn't the first time that Tancredo has come under attack from these people or their associates. See Tancredo now in cross hairs of attack ads

Thankfully, as can be seen above, showing the readers of ProgressNow that they're being misled should be particularly easy, akin to excercising with half-pound weights. They don't seem to have many facts on their side and are forced to simply call names.

As of now's blog accepts comments, so please visit their site and reacquaint their readers with the truth.

From this blurb:

Lawyer-about- town and political pundit Mike Huttner has a new gig.

He's left Foster, Graham, Huttner and Calisher, the law firm he helped form. Now he's running (formerly the Rocky Mountain Progressive Network), whose mission statement "is to be a strong, credible voice in advancing progressive solutions to critical community problems."

Huttner, who's been a bachelor forever (just ask his mom, Diane Huttner) also is getting married to Debbie Herz, a New York City attorney, and moving to Boulder.

From the longer article "It's Not Easy Being Green":

...To gain a larger national presence, its name has been changed [from the RMPN] to; it's hired the technophile behind Howard Dean's much-lauded Internet campaign to launch the new electronic crusade; and executive director (and former Westword intern) Michael Huttner ditched his law firm to run the organization full-time. But the biggest change was moving into the network's new digs on the second floor of the Alliance Center, a hugely ambitious project in LoDo that will soon house 23 progressive-leaning nonprofits.

The $5.25 million center is operated under the umbrella of the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado, a nonprofit founded last year by John Powers. As a longtime boardmember of the Colorado Environmental Coalition...

...he took the first step by purchasing the historic Otero building, at 1536 Wynkoop Street, from the Tattered Cover Book Store and the Wynkoop Brewing Co.; half a dozen nonprofits had already set up shop there. That's not surprising, because the building was part of a project developed by Mayor John Hickenlooper and Tattered Cover owner Joyce Meskis...

[tenants include] Sierra Club, the League of Conservation Voters, Colorado Common Cause, Historic Denver, the Center for Native Ecosystems and the Latina Initiative...