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Jeffrey Toobin
New York, NY
Staff writer for @NewYorker, Senior Legal Analyst for @CNN, Author of AMERICAN HEIRESS.
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Playing the worn-out race card: CNN’s Toobin on Trump Calling Maxine Waters ‘Low IQ’: ‘How Racist Is That?’ | Breit…
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@JeffreyToobin I don't remember race being part of the comments; that's your assumption based on your own prejudice…
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.@wwdnet2: unlike @JeffreyToobin I didn't take Trump's smear of Maxine Waters in a racial sense. Just him smearing opponents instead of showing them wrong. He could greatly undercut Waters by pointing out her #immigration stance is very pro-corporate. Why won't he & you do that?
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.@jeffreytoobin: on air, @poppyharlowcnn said Trump's interrupting protesters have a "1st Amdt right" to do that. Is she right? #CNN #tcot
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@JeffreyToobin <<-- part of the reason #CNN pulls fewer viewers than the #Octomom Channel. #p2 #tlot #TopProg #teaparty #tcot #ocra #GOP #oo