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I'm sorry for not being sorry that I'm right almost all the time. I don't get my views or facts from the media I get them by doing research.
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RT @fenolj: @RepNickRahall The World is only interested n 1 fact: Did you #BringBackOurMarine HERO #Tahmooressi so he can get help for #PTS…
@fenolj @Schneider4IL10 @THETXEMBASSY #TahmooressiHomeByThanksgiving <<Maybe if we beat that drum it'll work?
.@BeaconHill09 @fenolj: if you want Schneider to lose big, ask him one of my tough policy questions on video. Can you make that happen?
RT @fenolj: @Schneider4IL10 How much have u hurt yourself by lack of Intervention 4 #Tahmooressi? Do the right thing. #BringBackOurMarine s…