Mike Huckabee sued over Mexican consulate deal

A private citizen in Arkansas (Jim Parsons) is suing the former governor of that state, Mike Huckabee, over his role in helping the Mexican government establish their latest consulate there (link). The main claim is that Huckabee used public funds to offer discounted office space to the consulate, and that per AR's laws he was forbidden from doing so. The suit also contains a state Freedom of Information Act request, and raises the issue of hard drives that Huckabee apparently had destroyed on his way out the door at the end of 2006. The suit wants a refund for the cost of destroying them.

The Huckster is being sued as a private citizen; others named in the suit include current governor Mike Beebe (only in his official role), and the Mexican consulate.

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all you need to know about Mike Huckabee is he has been called a Friend of Mexico, Huckabee has a hell of a lot of property in mexico maybe you didn't know that fact? Huckabee is not your friend, but people who like Huckabee are fools.