Fabian Nunez shares luxury downtown L.A. penthouse with fundraiser Dan Weitzman

From this:
State Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez shares a luxury downtown penthouse with a prominent fundraiser [Dan Weitzman] who has collected nearly $600,000 in fees and expenses from Nunez's political committees and the state Democratic Party since 2005.

State law places no restrictions on legislators living with friends or fundraisers, but some government watchdog groups say such arrangements can raise potential conflicts because of the proximity of political power and contributors' money.

Nunez, a Los Angeles Democrat and one of the state's most powerful dealmakers, pays $1,000 of the $4,325 rent to live part-time in the loft-style penthouse in his district, which has 20-foot ceilings and jetliner views...
A map of the 46th Assembly District is here. It's surprising that he choose a luxury downtown penthouse (what he calls a "loft") instead of such glamorous locations as Pico-Union, South L.A., Maywood, Huntington Park, or the industrial paradise known as Vernon. Maybe it's just because Cudahy is outside of his district.


Who was the Mexican that said something along the lines of if you're not rich you must not be a very good politician? Nunez must be very "good".

no tanstaafl irs not about being rich its about power to keep the money.