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Sen. Chris Dodd: go to campaign appearances and ask tough questions

Senator Chris Dodd has stolen my idea! But, I don't mind, and he may or may not have developed the idea himself. He wants citizen journalists to attend campaign appearances by his competitors for president and ask them tough questions:

Call, visit, or find your Senators while they're home on break this weekend and videotape yourself asking them to support the "Dodd Amendment" to end the war in Iraq -- upload those videos to YouTube... It's time to talk about energy choices, not song choices; troop cuts, not haircuts; Baghdad, not Paris.

I've concentrated on suggesting that we ask tough questions about immigration; back in February I posted Can Barack Obama answer this? about a video question for that Senator; I've also posted questions for John Edwards and a question for John McCain. There are more questions in the videos here.

I don't expect most of his target audience to be interested in asking questions about immigration policy, but perhaps this might spur a "question race", where Dems asking GOP contenders questions about his amendment encourages those contenders to encourage their supporters to ask Dems questions about other matters.

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Thu, 06/28/2007 - 19:59
Fred Dawes

Look guy's Chris Dodd is just one more bitch inside Washinton, he care's nothing about the real world of Americans he wants power to make his boy's happy. I think he is just one more enemy of freedom, working his thing to get what he want's "You in the slave market".