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.@CatzCaroline: why aren't there warning signs like "Watch Out For Edge" all over Port Wenn considering it has UK's highest accident rate?
.@CatzCaroline: what specific things has Trump done that are pro hate?
.@CatzCaroline: @KathViner & Guardian *in effect* set the stage for more refugees. Please look at the bottom line & what happens.
MT @CatzCaroline MT @KathViner Launching the Guardian/Observer annual appeal - please help us help child refugees survive the winter
Missed the month change -> MT @CatzCaroline Thanks for all the lovely birthday messages !! but it's not my birthday ..its in November
.@CatzCaroline: did you vote Remain because you have some sort of reflexive response to Farage etc.? Don't hate me for asking.
And I sent all those pics. MT @CatzCaroline Please note followers @CarolineCatzTV is definitely a fake account & has been reported