50th Mexican consulate in Wichita? TreatCo.

Mexico has 49 or so consulates in the U.S., more than any other country. Some Wichita residents are trying to get the 50th built in Wichita, Kansas. The nearest consulate is in Kansas City, Missouri, just 200 miles away. From the report by Christina M. Woods in the Wichita Eagle:
Officials from the Kansas City, Mo.-based Mexican consulate got to witness the local Mexican community's interest in opening a permanent Wichita office.

At a temporary office in Treatco at 2300 N. Broadway on Saturday, consulate officials assisted about 500 people and more than 1,000 people picked up information and applications, according to Beatriz Ledezma, who works for Tiempos, a Spanish-language newspaper in Wichita, and who is coordinating the effort for a Wichita consulate...

..."We have the roots here," [Alejandro Molina, another volunteer coordinator] said, but added that, in many instances, the community's needs are overlooked because of immigration status or language barriers...
The last bit is the only hint in the article that many or most of those receiving those Matricula Consular cards might in fact be illegal aliens. This is just the latest in a long line of puff pieces (and a small number with some truth) announcing appearances by representatives from Mexico, and one is forced to wonder why almost all of them seem to have been written by the same person.

As for TreatCo, they appear to be a manufacturer of pet food; whether it's possible to boycott them or not is not known.


I like to see eveybody without a Indain Card go
back home.

Ken Thomas

I suspect that Mexico cares little whether they are issuing ID cards to illegal immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras or Guatamala.

They probably make a good faith effort to see that only Mexican nationals get the card. But when they are issuing so many cards in so many places to so many people...Well, no doubt good faith only goes so far. And the cards themselves are easy to fake, probably also to obtain fraudulenty, because whatever document(s) you need to get one can also be faked (per the above).

In any case, regardless of all that, it is clear the cards are intended for illegals. And it is more than odd that the US allows foreign governments (other nations also do it) to distribute these ID cards to their illegals here. More than odd.

Just one more part of the plan happening in front of you! our non president and congress are our enemies.
if you will not fight back get in line for the drug cartels and the camp system. by the way we our! not ruled by laws but by the global rats who run this nation and its system of corruption.

It's ironic that people come from Mexico without identity cards or proof of citizenship but are somehow able to submit sufficient information to satisfy their consulate that they are indeed Mexican, or even who they say they are. I suspect that Mexico cares little whether they are issuing ID cards to illegal immigrants from El Salvador, Honduras or Guatamala. And everyone seems to be complicit. The banks, the IRS, the FBI, ICE, and the rest care little that Mexico is providing a form of cover for wanted criminals, terrorists or gang members. Look Mexican and you're elligble for an MCC. The greater the number of cards issued, the more successful the Mexican government will be in making the case that deportation is not an option. Overwhelm our government with actual numbers of cardholders and provide advocacy groups with a fait de complit that is seemingly insurmountable to overcome. The subversion of our laws continues with the full support of Congress and President.