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Daniel J. White
Toledo, Oh.
I love life and all that it has to offer. I am a conservative. My motto is there are no problems there are only solutions.
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.@JDjwhite54 @Lrihendry: how to stop the #DREAMAct: Why have almost 0 #Trump2016 #tcot #teaparty helped out?
Or as #GOP #Teaparty call them, "moochers". MT @JDjwhite54 RT @Lrihendry: ...1.6 MILLION homeless AMERICAN children DREAM of a meal
.@JDjwhite54 @Lrihendry: excellent job tying opposition to mass immigration in to Randroid ideology. Your award from OFA is almost ready.
MT @JDjwhite54 MT @Lrihendry: Remember folks, gov can only give illegal's and refugees what they take from someone else. #TaxPayers