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Matricula Consular cards

The "Matricula Consular" is an ID card issued by the Mexican government to their citizens. It's actually an old form of ID that wasn't often used until recently, when that government decided to give it to the millions of illegal aliens from Mexico who live in the U.S. in order to make it easier for them to send their money home via remittances. That government then began a campaign to get banks, municipalities and others to accept their cards as ID. Make no mistake about it: these cards are almost entirely simply "IDs for illegal aliens". Legal immigrants have no use for the card since they have legally-obtained identification which they're required to carry.

The Mexican government - and their U.S. enablers - are generally coy about the use of the cards and will only say that they're given out without checking someone's immigration status. However, one of their consular officials did admit what their real purpose was.

Last modified Dec 16, 2008
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New York City Municipal ID card: profits for banks, cover for criminals and terrorists - 09/19/14

... includes things like Mexico's Matricula Consular card. Both the Department of Justice and the FBI have concluded that card is not a reliable form of identification. The agency in charge of administering the cards can, according to the law, decide different forms of ID have different weights and require two forms of ID. However, given that the goal is to get ID cards into the hands of as many...

ACLU, NILC sue Indiana over immigration law (Matricula Consular cards) - 05/25/11

... criminalize cards similar to the Matricula Consular card. I haven't read Indiana's law, but if what the ACLU implies is correct, then Indiana made a mistake. Instead of criminalizing in one way or another the use of the card, they should have just prevented it from being used as official identification. Of course, the ACLU lies: MC cards are basically only of use by illegal aliens. They refer to...

Mitch Daniels is weak on Indiana immigration bill, apparently only supports least effective parts - 04/13/11

... to eVerify, sanctuary cities, Matricula Consular cards, and conducting meetings in English. Whether Daniels supports or opposes those isn't clear, but it's likely he opposes them because they wouldn't be "good for business" if you know what I mean. [2] The interview is here: "I think that legislation will be changed," Daniels said in a wide-ranging interview with The Indianapolis Star Editorial...

Harvard helps illegal alien deprive U.S. citizen of a Harvard education (Maria Sacchetti, Drew Gilpin Faust, Cleopatra Andreadis) - 06/12/10

The latest attempt to promote the anti-American DREAM Act is the case of a illegal alien [1] who's studying at Harvard and who might be deported after having been picked up by ICE while trying to fly from San Antonio back to Boston [2]. This is a sad case, but what you won't hear in the media is the fact that he's taking a Harvard education away from a citizen.

U.S. Post Office helping illegal aliens send money home (government corruption) - 06/11/10

... form of identification was a Matricula Consular card, a virtual guarantee that the bearer is an illegal alien. What that boils down to is that the US Postal Service has a financial stake in illegal immigration: the more illegal immigration, the more money they'll make. Needless to say, giving the federal government a profit motivation to support or ignore illegal activity is very dangerous and...

Doug Irving /OCR, United Way help banks profit from illegally-earned money - 02/01/10

... the banks will accept Mexico's Matricula consular card as identification, without noting that that card is a very strong indicator that the bearer is an illegal alien. As for those involved: The city [of Santa Ana] and Orange County United Way are running the Bank on Santa Ana project. Eight banks and credit unions have signed up to participate and offer the special checking accounts: Bank of...

The Economist in 2004: "More Mexicans, please" (promoted home loans to illegal aliens) - 12/14/09

... for an identity card known as a matricula consular, which is now accepted as valid ID by 800 law-enforcement agencies across America. As the matriculas have gained wider acceptance, doors have opened to immigrants in other areas, blurring the line between services available to legal and illegal Mexicans. Now financial institutions are courting these hard-working people. No wonder: Mexicans sent...

"Bank on Los Angeles": city helps corrupt banks profit from illegal activity - 03/25/09

The City of Los Angeles recently announced a new public-private partnership called "Bank on Los Angeles" (bankonla.com) that's designed to help 10,000 low-income residents who don't have bank accounts ("the unbanked") open up accounts. It's also open to illegal aliens [1], and that means that Los Angeles City will be encouraging corruption by helping major banks profit from money that was earned...

Schwarzenegger helps banks profit from illegal activity ("Bank on California") - 12/14/08

... as ID the Mexican government's Matricula Consular card, a form of identification that's basically only of use to illegal aliens. In brief, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state of California are actively helping banks profit from money that was earned illegally.

Rep. Chris Cannon loses in Utah! (Jason Chaffetz) - 06/24/08

Illegal immigration-supporting hack and Republican Congressman from Utah Chris Cannon will lose the primary election to Jason Chaffetz. With over 80% of the votes counted at post time, Chaffetz leads 60% to about 40%, so it's safe to call. There are about forty posts at this site mentioning Cannon; use the search function to see them all.

Nine Latin American consulates in New York area join to push immigration agenda inside U.S. - 06/17/08

The New York-area consulates from nine Latin America countries have joined forces in an effort called the "Coalition of Latin American Consulates in New York." From this: ...the group plans to work together on issues they consider common to their immigrant populations _ from holding informational "consular fairs" and public health screenings to meeting as a group with U.S. immigration officials.

Mexico admits: Matricula Consular ID cards are for illegal aliens (Elizabeth Llorente/North Jersey Record; ACORN?) - 06/09/08

... found a new purpose for their old Matricula Consular ID card: indentification for illegal aliens.

Seven reasons Kos (DailyKos) can't be trusted on immigration (+Quinnipiac University poll) - 03/27/08

... Mexican government to pass out Matricula Consular cards in that city. As with New Haven's cards, the MC cards let illegal aliens open bank accounts and the like. The bottom line in this case is the bottom line: that makes it easier for illegal aliens to send money home to Mexico and also allows banks to profit from money that was earned illegally. 2. He fails to note that the mayor of New Haven...

Mexican official hits U.S. citizen while passing out Matricula Consular cards at public school? - 02/07/08

... out, among other forms of ID, Matricula Consular cards. Having to use one of those cards as ID is a very strong indicator of being an illegal alien. An unidentified person who was apparently a Mexican government official told the Minuteman group they couldn't be there and couldn't take pictures.

Felipe Calderon explicitly wants Mexican consuls to meddle in U.S. immigration debate (non-profits) - 12/07/07

... consul meddling in Irving Texas (Matricula Consular cards to prevent arrests) New York Times alludes to Mexican meddling via consulates (Little Rock) Ramos/Compean trial transcripts; meddling Mexican consuls initiated case? Nancy Pelosi didn't meet the meddling Mexican congressmen? Dianne Solis, Alfredo Corchado, Dallas Morning News downplay Mexican meddling More meddling by Mexican consuls...

Mike Huckabee's immigration plan announced - 12/06/07

[UPDATES below] Mike Huckabee has released his immigration plan (link). It has as few details but isn't as strong as Mitt Romney's immigration plan. It's also not as detailed nor as strong as Fred Thompson's immigration plan.

Chase, Citibank, Laredo National Bank get desk inside Mexican consulate in San Antonio - 11/21/07

... they realize that those who use Matricula Consular cards (available from the friendly consulate) are most likely illegal aliens. Those banks will then donate a portion of their profits to politicians, who will then ensure that the banks continue to profit from indirect illegal activity. Related: Bank of "America" signs up customers at Dallas Mexican consulate

San Francisco approves ID card; corruption in plain sight; Tom Ammiano? - 11/14/07

... about how they can accept the Matricula Consular Card and develop products and services to help Latino immigrants, save, send money to their home countries, and buy homes... The New Alliance Task Force is a partnership between the FDIC, the Mexican Consulate, banks, community-based organizations, federal regulators, the secondary market, and private mortgage insurance companies. The partnership...

Thanks, Huckabee: business at Little Rock Mexican consulate is booming - 11/13/07

Former Arkansas governor and current presidential candidate Mike Huckabee arranged for a Mexican Consulate to be built in Little Rock. And, business is booming! Per Jon Gambrell of the Associate Press (link): ...In its first six months, the Mexican consulate based in Little Rock has seen the number of citizens it serves a day rise from 50 to 120, said consul Andres Chao.

Mexican consul meddling in Irving Texas (Matricula Consular cards to prevent arrests) - 10/19/07

... to issue identification cards [Matricula Consular cards] to illegal immigrants to try to save them from arrest and deportation. Irving Mayor Herbert Gears said the ID cards could prevent only a few arrests, but he promised to meet monthly with Consul Enrique Hubbard Urrea to review any complaints ste

More proof GOP is corrupt, lacks differentiation from Democrats (Giuliani, Minuteman flyer) - 08/07/07

From this: Rudy Giuliani's southwest political director [Chris Gulugian-Taylor] left a top position [executive director] at the Nevada Republican Party last year after breaking rules by advertising a Minuteman border patrol rally in internal GOP e-mails. The notices publicizing a "Stop the Illegal Invasion" rally in October 2006 outraged some Hispanic Republicans in the state, who said they...

CNN/Youtube: Don't ask Mike Huckabee this question - 08/02/07

... year, it's passed out countless "Matricula Consular" ID cards to illegal aliens. Those cards help illegal aliens send billions of dollars back home, helping to prop up the corrupt Mexican government. And, their consul even encouraged civic leaders to advocate for illegal immigration. Even the New York Times has alluded to Mexico overstepping its bounds, and the FBI has called those ID cards a...

Mexican consul from Little Rock encourages advocacy for illegal immigration - 07/29/07

... demand for Mexican passports and matricula consular identification cards since its official opening in April, he said.

Bank of "America" signs up customers at Dallas Mexican consulate - 07/16/07

... [at the consulate] is the $37 matricula consular, a Mexican identification card, given at a clip of about 1,300 per week. But there are also birth and death certificates to issue. There are kiosks to spread the word on medical plans; videos that explain U.S. laws to lobby audiences; and a platoon of bilingual Bank of America workers who greet prospective customers in need of a special account to...

New York Times alludes to Mexican meddling via consulates (Little Rock) - 05/23/07

Randal Archibold of the New York Times offers "Debate Raging, Mexico Adds to Consulates in U.S." about Mexico's latest outpost, this one in Little Rock, Arkansas. Somewhat to my surprise, they actually include some of the downsides and question some of Mexico's motives although, of course, they don't go far enough. This is just a fly-in report, not investigative journalism: Increasingly, [Mexico...

Janet Napolitano vetoes anti-Matricula Consular bill - 05/09/07

... helped prevent the use of Mexico's Matricula Consular ID card. That card is usually an indicator that the bearer is an illegal alien; legal immigrants have no use for such a card.

Bank of America loses contract over credit card for illegal aliens (Gaston County, NC) - 04/14/07

From this: A controversial credit card program has led Gaston County leaders to reject Bank of America as the county's bank. Gaston commissioners on Thursday declined to award a four-year contract for banking services to the Charlotte bank -- a decision that could cost the county about $120,000... ...[The credit-cards-for-illegal-aliens] aspect alarmed Gaston commissioners, who didn't want...

"Minutemen Scare off Mobile Mexican Consulate" (Costa Mesa) - 04/01/07

... friends to the south distribute Matricula Consular ID cards - tried to set up shop at the Presbyterian Church of the Covenant in Costa Mesa, California. A group of protesters from the Minuteman Project were apparently able to get enough support from the church members that the consul decided to pack up and leave after just a half-an-hour.

Illinois House approves driver's licenses for illegal aliens - 03/28/07

The Illinois House approved HR 1100 earlier today, which would give illegal aliens "driving certificates" which supposedly would (link to text): clearly state on its face that it may not be accepted by any federal agency for any federal identification or other official purpose...

Bill Gates: "freedom of migration is a good thing" (also: Reuters misleads) - 03/21/07

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates - sounding like a cross between Vicente Fox and Martha Stewart - said the following in Mexico: "I'm a big believer that as much as possible, and there's obviously political limitations, freedom of migration is a good thing." He also supported immigration "reform".

Bob Barr takes Bank of America's side; did the ACLU get to him? - 03/02/07

... originally allowed to accept Mexico's Matricula Consular ID card, but the Bush administration fought to change that. That's despite both the FBI and the DOJ pointing out that the cards were not a reliable means of identification and would provide "an opportunity for terrorists to move freely in the United States". As detailed at the last link, the Mexican government is allowed to visit their...

Bill Press is an idiot, Part #4832842 (Bank of America illegal alien credit cards) - 02/25/07

Bill Press is a radio (Jones Radio Network), TV, and newspaper pundit and the former chairman of the California Democratic Party. Via this he offers "Bank Of America Rejects English-Only Plastic". As with other things, discussing all the ways it's wrong would take too long.

Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis defiantly says won't cancel credit card for illegal aliens - 02/22/07

Bank of America CEO Kenneth Lewis has written an editorial for the Wall Street Journal explaining his side of the credit card for illegal aliens his bank offers. In yet another bone-headed move, it's subscriber-only. A large percentage of those who subscribe to that rag will probably already support their position; it's the rest of us he should be trying to hustle.

Let's help Katherine Mangu-Ward find some Reason - 02/20/07

... Mexico's Mickey Mouse ID card, the Matricula Consular. If they want to restrict their no-SSN program to only that small number of legal immigrants and visitors who don't have SSNs, they can ask for a visa. (Cue the crickets). One would have to be a complete simpleton (whether working for Reason or not) to pretend that the whole obvious goal of the scheme wasn't simply to give credit to illegal...

Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition, Julien Ross, AFSC - 02/18/07

... schools * statewide acceptance of the matricula consular identification cards issued by the Mexican Consulate as official ID * defeat of English-Only bills similar to Amendment 31 * defeat of attempts to cut all Medicaid benefits to legal immigrants The Mexican government - or the crooks who hire illegal aliens - couldn't come up with a better list of demands. Under their scheme, we might as...

Wells Fargo knows many of its customers are illegal aliens - 02/14/07

The not-exactly-in-depth L.A. Times article "Banking on illegal immigrants" by E. Scott Reckard, David Streitfeld and Adrian G. Uribarri discusses the backlash to Bank of America's credit card for illegal aliens. It informs us: "At face value the program seems to be problematic," said Russ Knocke, a [Department of Homeland Security] spokesman. "It seems to be lending itself to possibilities of...

Bank of "America": credit cards for illegal aliens - 02/12/07

... similar policy on ITIN numbers or Matricula Consular cards first. - Stop supporting anyone linked to the Bush administration. Related: U.S. Treasurer wants Mexico to become even more reliant on remittances Have Oklahoma banks admitted to aiding and abetting illegal immigration? St. Peter Catholic Church, Jupiter Florida, supports illegal immigration Arizona Republic almost does expose on Western...

John DeStefano linked to Mexico collaborators (CT governor race) - 10/27/06

... The MCAS (Spanish initials for matricula consular de alta seguridad), Huizar, explained, is recognized by hundreds of cities, police departments, and financial institutions across the country as a valid ID. It's the Mexican government's official ID for its nationals living abroad, incorporating holograms and other embedded technology designed to prevent forgery. Which is why JUNTA has been...

Pahrump anti-illegal immigration ordinance; bucks rotting in the banks? - 10/12/06

... but of course he's refering to Matricula Consular cards, often called "IDs for illegals". That old card was revived for use by illegal aliens and if someone has that card it's a very strong indicator that they're an illegal alien because legal immigrants have no use for that card when doing business in the U.S. And, Mexican consuls freely admit that they hand them out to their citizens...

U.S. Federal Reserve to enable illegal immigration - 10/11/06

There's a lot of money to be made off illegal activity, and the U.S. Federal Reserve (FAQ) is trying to get a piece of the pie. The subscriber-only WSJ article "U.S. Banks Woo Migrants, Legal Or Otherwise" has this preview: As U.S. leaders craft policies to curb illegal immigration from Mexico, the U.S.