Pelosi: 'Republican Record on Border Security Is an Unmitigated Failure'

Nanci Pelosi has ordered the following to be promulgated:
The primary obligation of elected officials is to protect the American people and to protect our borders.

"Reports that the Bush administration cannot muster even half of the National Guard troops scheduled by the end of this month for deployment at the border demonstrate yet again that the Republican record on border security is an unmitigated failure. It is unacceptable that nearly five years since 9/11 our nation's borders remain in a perilous state of insecurity...
Needless to say, that's rich. In "Nanci Pelosi, supporter of sweatshops, opponent of citizens and laws" I offer the following 2003 quote about the WalMart raids:
"We think there might be a better way to go about this because the fact is that it is against the law for the employer to hire these people so there should be more focus on the employer and less in these terrorizing raids."
It's statements like that that encourage illegal immigration. In fact, she almost sounds like a Wal*Mart flack.

She's called illegal aliens her "constituents" and she supports allowing people to access federal buildings using Mexico's Matricula Consular card.

In short, Nancy Pelosi is as strong a supporter of illegal immigration as president Bush. While she's right about the National Guard, she and Bush are still on basically the same side of the issue.