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Nancy Pelosi: just being here illegally "is not reason for deportation"; cheers George Bush on immigration - 12/16/13

Rep. Nancy Pelosi appeared on Telemundo yesterday and showed that she has little use for our immigration laws. She went beyond 2009's "Pelosi Rule" and now says that illegal aliens that haven't committed other crimes shouldn't be deported. That's not the position of our laws: in general, anyone who's here illegally can be deported no matter if they've committed other crimes. Pelosi's policy isn't...

Democratic Convention speakers list and immigration - 09/03/12

... Patrick - Massachusetts Governor * Nancy Pelosi - House Democratic Leader * Elizabeth Warren - Senate candidate from Massachusetts "fauxcahontas" is just the start: she's fake on policy too. Ask her supporters why she'd drive down wages for lower-skilled American workers. You should do that especially if you *agree* with her stated position on financial matters: she's fake on wages, and she...

Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden wear anti-Arizona law bracelets at Mexican president's speech - 05/22/10

... peekURL.com/vjxddf4 Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and no doubt others were wearing rubber bracelets designed to show solidarity against Arizona's law during the Calderon speech. From this earlier story about Rep. Joe Baca (link): As part of his general boycott of Arizona -- which includes his refusal to fly through Phoenix on his weekly trips to and from Washington -- Baca, D-Rialto, is distributing...

Democrats in Congress cheer Mexico's president after he complains about Arizona's immigration law; what to do about it - 05/20/10

... is that Congress - including Nancy Pelosi - would be so open about standing with a foreign leader against the will of the majority of Americans. Recall that a few years ago various members of the Mexican Congress were to meet with members of the U.S. Congress and that Nancy Pelosi was a no-show. It's all basically out in the open now. Unlike most others, I'm going to describe how you can do...

Ask better questions about illegal aliens receiving healthcare at townhalls - 08/14/09

Apparently some of the questions at recent townhalls have been about illegal aliens receiving Obama healthcare. Unfortunately, if the report at [1] is accurate, the questions have been weak and may have actually helped the Democrats rather than revealed what they intend to do. As detailed by Obama himself, the Democrats do intend to give UHC to current illegal aliens by changing their status...

Hannah Dreier /MediaMatters misleads about Nancy Pelosi position on raids (Lou Dobbs) - 03/25/09

... America offers a misleading view of Nancy Pelosi's recent remarks in Dobbs falsely claimed Pelosi said "immigration law enforcement is, quote-unquote, 'un-American" (mediamatters.org/items/200903240035): Summary: On his radio show, Lou Dobbs asked his guest for his "reaction" to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi "saying last week that enforcement in the workplace, immigration law enforcement is, quote-...

America's Voice agrees with Pelosi "un-American" quote; starts letter campaign (Frank Sharry) - 03/20/09

America's Voice - run by Frank Sharry - has started a letter-writing campaign to "Thank Speaker Pelosi for Her Leadership". The "leadership" in question is her recent comments that family-separating immigration raids are "un-American", comments that she later reinforced by calling those raids "not the American way". Says they (americasvoiceonline.org/page/speakout/PelosiReforms): She said that...

Pelosi doubles down! Family separating raids are "not the American way"; illegal aliens make U.S. "more American" - 03/19/09

Earlier today, Nancy Pelosi spoke at the U.S.-Mexico Border Issues Conference and did not back down from her earlier comments in which she said that immigration raids that result in family separation are "un-American" (her press release here). In effect, Pelosi seeks to replace our current immigration laws with a "Pelosi Rule": if you come here illegally and have a child, you get to stay....

Nancy Pelosi: immigration enforcement separating families is "un-American" (Luis Gutierrez, Kelly Zito) - 03/08/09

... just how stupid the remarks from Nancy Pelosi were: "Our future is about our children," Pelosi told a crowd of mostly Latino families at St. Anthony's Church. No matter if those families arrived two days ago or centuries ago, Pelosi said "that opportunity, that determination, that hope has made American more American." She said, "Taking parents from their children ... that's un-American."...

Nancy Pelosi uploads "Cat Cam" video; cute! really cute. - 01/13/09

... the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi has uploaded a cute video to Youtube called the "Capitol Cat Cam". And, it's actually from her: youtube.com/user/NancyPelosi Not only does it start out cute, but it ends on an incredibly funny (and original!) note that almost made me forget about all the problems facing the U.S. such as massive illegal immigration, trillions of dollars proposed or being...

Mexico's Calderon meets Obama, proposes "strategic alliance"; immigration; NAFTA - 01/12/09

... Summers. Calderon also met with Nancy Pelosi and others from Congress today; a statement from Silvestre Reyes is here. Needless to say, they also discussed amnesty. UPDATE: Per this, Calderon told Bush in a later meeting, "We have always been willing to revise aspects" of NAFTA. And, this translates eluniversal.com.mx/notas/568942.html as: [Obama] committed to president Felipe Calderon to...

Nancy Pelosi: no "path to citizenship" for illegal aliens might be compromise - 12/06/08

... the following suggestion from Nancy Pelosi (link): Pelosi also said Congress would have to tackle the politically sticky job of overhauling immigration laws in the new Congress, after a bipartisan measure collapsed last year. The estimated 12 million immigrants in the U.S. illegally "are part of the U.S. economy. We cannot send them all home, and we cannot send them all to jail, so we have to...

The Cenk Uygur Race Card Play-O-Matic (John McCain, Fannie Mae) - 10/08/08

The new first rule of the Democratic Party is: "Twist anything an opponent of Barack Obama says in order to play the race card". If BHO wins the presidency, expect them to abide by that rule endlessly. The latest example comes from multiple "liberals" who are trying to racialize John McCain referring to Barack Obama as "that one" at last night's "debate".

Border Patrol agent allegedly intentionally poisoned (Tucson) - 09/21/08

Earlier this year, a Border Patrol agent in the Tucson sector named Denton Moberly was allegedly poisoned using a pesticide while eating at some sort of restaurant. The details haven't been publicly released, but a summary is here and a site with updates is here.

Pr000n spotted in Google News - 06/12/08

... of imaginary pr000n involving Nancy Pelosi getting busy, but the real kind. Apparently their standards aren't as strict as I've heard. There's a screenshot in the extended entry for those with a strong enough constitution.

Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) tries tying ICE's hands on immigration raids; Mexico-linked ACLU cheers - 05/20/08

... preferably on video. UPDATE: Nancy Pelosi's blog (?!) links to a PDF with Woolsey's opening whine (speaker.gov/blog/?p=1349, "...we are still hearing heartbreaking stories of the impact on children... ...They have been separated from their families in the cruelest of ways for long periods of time and many of their parents have been deported...", etc. etc.) as well as a video of the remarks of...

Nancy Pelosi opposes immigration enforcement, says agents are kicking in doors - 04/24/08

... immigration reform", aka amnesty, Nancy Pelosi said the following today: "I am frustrated, too... And as I have said since the day we took over here, we're not going to have an immigration bill unless the president takes the lead on it. There is no way to have a partisan immigration bill.

Raul Grijalva, Congressional Hispanic Caucus: lack of immigration "reform" is "spineless" - 04/24/08

... House Democratic leaders... Nancy Pelosi blamed it on president Bush and the GOP, then said yet another stupid thing today.

House trying to pass amnesty "lite"? (Nancy Pelosi, Joe Baca, Zoe Lofgren) - 02/14/08

From a FAIR bulletin (link): Capitol Hill news sources have been buzzing for the past 48 hours about backroom negotiations in the House of Representatives that may bring comprehensive immigration reform "lite" to the floor. Congressional Quarterly reports that Congressman Joe Baca (D-CA), Chairman of the Hispanic Caucus, is leading the fight for legislation that would provide a five-year...

Leticia van de Putte delivers Democratic SOTU response (Spanish language version) - 01/28/08

Texas state senator Leticia van de Putte delivered the Spanish-language version of the Democratic Party's response to the Bush State of the Union address. Republicans and even most Democrats might want to pay closer attention to what Democratic leaders are saying behind their backs (example from Senator Bob Menendez), yet I don't think this will get much play.

San Fran Nan brings gourmet touch to Congress (Nancy Pelosi, comrades grab baguettes on way to barricades) - 01/15/08

... eating establishments. Thanks to Nancy Pelosi's "Greening the Capitol" plan (link), plucky leftwingers can fight for peace and freedom while dining on such staples as: Peruvian Purple Potatoes, apple wood bacon, champagne vinaigrette, and shallots...

Felipe Calderon explicitly wants Mexican consuls to meddle in U.S. immigration debate (non-profits) - 12/07/07

... Mexican consuls initiated case? Nancy Pelosi didn't meet the meddling Mexican congressmen? Dianne Solis, Alfredo Corchado, Dallas Morning News downplay Mexican meddling More meddling by Mexican consuls "Bush Bill Would Aid Mexico's Meddling in U.S." "Mexico is meddling in US military"

Immigration "parliament" held in Mexico, with Americans; may lobby in Washington DC - 11/30/07

... "comprehensive immigration reform" (Nancy Pelosi was scheduled but had "scheduling difficulties"). Elvira Arellano spoke and appeared to - surprise - cheat. In this case it was on her hunger strike. While they made a lot of proposals, according to that the one most likely to stick is a "Permanent Parliament" which might meet next year in Washington DC. And, from this we learn that two attendees...

Pandering prescribed: Bush admin hack learns Univision, Spanish media biased against GOP - 09/13/07

Leslie Sanchez ("director of the White House Initiative on Hispanic Education from 2001-2003") reads Univision's site and finds out that they're biased against the GOP, despite all the pandering that the Republicans have done. While she doesn't indicate anything beyond outreaching to the Spanish media, one can assume that she wants the GOP to try to out-pander the Democrats by stressing social...

Two arrested at immigration protest (Nancy Pelosi, Elvira Arellano) - 09/12/07

... immigration activists to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office today armed with a letter begging the California Democrat to take action to stop deportations. Saul Arellano, the son of recently deported illegal alien Elvira Arellano, marched through the halls of Congress to

Nancy Pelosi is Teh Hottness - 08/01/07

In case you're having trouble finding what exactly Drudge is refering to, I've enlarged and highlighted the affected area: She can - she must - do better.

LULAC, National Council of La Raza, "liberals", and the Fairness Doctrine - 07/24/07

When the left-wing support for free speech meets racial power groups like the League of United Latin American Citizens and the National Council of La Raza, watch out. Consider: The nation's largest Hispanic advocacy group says it must come up with a strategy to combat "a wave of hate" its leaders say came from talk radio's efforts to sink the Senate's immigration bill.

Cindy Sheehan: welcome to my world - 07/12/07

... apparently going to run against Nancy Pelosi... and as an independent! See, DailyKos is a site for Democrats and designed to elect Democrats.

Shocker at CBS: producer fired for plagiarism - 04/10/07

... Jeffrey Zaslow of the Journal, Nancy Pelosi's office, George Bush's office, the CFR, ANSWER, Code Pink for Peace, the National Lawyers Guild, the National Immigration Fo

STRIVEing for amnesty: the Flake/Guitierrez "Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy" Act - 03/22/07

... written statement, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said:] "Our first responsibility to the American people is their safety... We must enact immigration reform that is humane and honors our American tradition of being a nation of immigrants and a land of opportunity for all... It provides an excellent framework for Congress and the president to begin work on the vital task of immigration reform......

NYT hides behind "terrorized" illegal aliens to support massive immigration - 03/15/07

The New York Times has yet another editorial calling for "immigration reform" entitled "Immigration Misery". It's thankfully shorter than the last such screed ("They Are America"), but just as wrong. This time, they're in their "sleazy/maudlin" mode: A screaming baby girl has been forcibly weaned from breast milk and taken, dehydrated, to an emergency room, so that the nation's borders will be...

NYT: Majority Back Health Care for All! - 03/02/07

The results of the latest New York Times/CBS News Poll are in: While the war in Iraq remains the overarching issue in the early stages of the 2008 campaign, access to affordable health care is at the top of the public's domestic agenda, ranked as far more important than immigration, cutting taxes or promoting traditional values. The poll asks about making "health insurance available to all...

Why the Bush administration's immigration plans are nuts, Part #439592 - 03/01/07

... and predictable," House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., was to have said in remarks scheduled for delivery Wednesday night to the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. "It may be a path of many steps, but the endpoint must be clear and attainable." We're also informed: At the Senate hearing, Chertoff said deporting all of them would be "a gargantuan task." Needless to say, the...

"Speaker Pelosi's Bad DREAM" - 02/25/07

IBD discusses Nancy Pelosi supporting the DREAM Act in this editorial: The speaker of the House backs in-state tuition for illegal aliens from neighboring countries but not for American citizens from neighboring states. Arizonans, among others, think otherwise. And, by the way, it's illegal. ...Title 8, Chapter 14, Sec.

Nancy Pelosi: take college discounts from citizens, give them to illegal aliens - 02/20/07

Nancy Pelosi spoke at a town hall meeting at Arizona State University in Tempe on Monday, and was joined Reps.

Nancy Pelosi didn't meet the meddling Mexican congressmen? - 02/11/07

As previously discussed, several Mexican congressmen came to Washington to meet with their counterparts from the (U.S.) Democratic Party, and the two groups together demanded an end to deportations until "immigration reform" passes.