Help Ben Kelly, Ben Baeder, and Jessica Langdon do their jobs

Ben Kelly and Ben Baeder work for the San Gabriel Valley [CA] Tribune, which offers us "Bank's business plan spurs local protest". That article discusses a protest of Wells Fargo's acceptance of the Matricula Consular card (aka "IDs for illegals") on Saturday.

Jessica Langdon works for the Times Record News out of Wichita Falls, TX, and offers us "Immigrants given bit of helping hand". That article describes how the Dallas Mexican consulate traveled to their city and passed out those same sham identification cards inside the Wichita Falls Public Library.

Despite being located hundreds of miles apart, all three reporters seem to share the same problem: they don't know how to use google.

The SGV article only skirts the issue of the downsides of that card, concentrating most of its paragraphs on statements from Wells Fargo.

The Texas article includes no downsides whatsoever. The Texas article is, in fact, written in such a credulous manner you have to wonder what's really going on: it's difficult to believe anyone could be so gullible.

Here's a helpful link for all three reporters: matricula consular cards. Let's take a look at the results and see whether that would have helped them deliver more fact-based reports.

At post time, the first hit is "The Mexican Sham ID Card FAQ", followed by pages from Michelle Malkin and VDare. Then, still in the top ten results, come two pages from Congressmen.

From Rep. Gary Miller comes "Myth and Facts behind the Mexican ID Cards":

According to the FBI, Matricula Consular cards are almost exclusively used by illegal aliens. Anyone here legally has valid identity documents they can present to open a bank account, such as driver's licenses, Social Security numbers, or passports.

And, from Rep. Elton Gallegly:

The truth is that Poland, Mexico, Nicaragua, and other countries that are trying to expand their consular ID programs in the United States are doing so in an effort to force a de facto amnesty for their nationals illegally in this country and to allow them to receive services to which they are not entitled. Among which is the ability to use such cards to board commercial airplanes. This is a dramatic step back towards the type of security we had before 9/11.

Let's contact these reporters and give them a brief google tutorial:
Ben Kelly: (626) 962-8811, Ext. 2236,
Ben Baeder: Ext. 2703,
Jessica Langdon: (940) 763-7530, langdonj(at)

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Jessica Langdon couldn't write herself out of kindergarden.

I won't write Jessica 'cause she might be hot and I wouldn't want to risk offending her.

Anyway, you must've detected a somewhat kryptonite-ish (just thinking about writing another email to some reporter saps my strength) pattern in these sorts of stories -- they're PMCPPs. The only thing I can figure out is that the authors have not yet had the pleasure of experiencing a full-scale, virtually unrestricted Hispanic population surge, so they write stuff like this, i.e. rolling out the 'Welcome Wagon' for Mexican nationals here illegally.

Trouble is, by the time they catch on it'll be pretty much too late.