Apparently there's been a purge over at and several posters have been banned. Those posters were also opposed to Bush's guest worker program. Did the bannings result from things like posting links to "fringe" sites like and, or has FR become just an echo chamber for BushBots? While some of the opinions at VDare are fringe, many are not. And, TeamAmericaPAC is associated with Rep. Tom Tancredo and Bay Buchanan. For point of discussion, what other group of people wants to silence Rep. Tancredo?

Perhaps as a result of these bannings, there are now very few posts concerning immigration at FR. That might be due to other factors, or it might be due to the banning. One of the main posters of immigration articles was gubamyster. He might be busy, or he might have been banned.

One of the organizations that was banned is ALIPAC, and you can read their response here. There are a large number of comments about this here.

FreeRepublic posted ALIPAC's complaint here, generating over a thousand replies.

There are other posts about ALIPAC's banning here and here. And, this isn't the first time people have complained about purges at FR.

As for myself, I believe I still have posting privileges, although that might change at any moment.

In the past, one of my posts was decorated with the tag "buchanantroll". That was for a cross-post of Bush admits: "I was wrong about amnesty."

One of the leading open borders cheerleaders over at FreeRepublic is 'bayourod' who, I believe, has admitted to hiring illegal workers. He - along with others such as Dane or PRND21 - frequently step in to threads about immigration and serve as the unofficial administration spokesperson. Here's a typical bayourod comment, which I noted in this post:

Obviously factually incorrect. Faris sounds like a textbook case of a xenophobe. Since he hates "rich" people who live in gated communities and enjoy golf, he probably is in a lower income class and fears competition from immigrant laborers willing to work longer and harder than him.

As far as I know, bayourod and the other open borders cheerleaders still have posting privileges at FR.

I was temporarily banned in the past, supposedly for posting swear words. They weren't my swear words, they were in a quote from someone else. The moderators didn't respond to my request for clarification in that case, so I don't know exactly what the issue was.

I posted "The Feds threatened L.A. radio station KFI?" at FR in June of last year. Now, one would think this is an important story. After all, if the federal government is threatening media outlets, shouldn't conservatives be concerned? Despite that, it was moved to their "Bloggers & Personal" section, aka the cheap seats. Despite that it got dozens of replies. The first comment to my post explains why it was moved:

The reason your posting on freerepublic was moved is because you posting something that is negative against the Bush Admin. Remember, it doesn't matter if they are conservative, all that matters is they have a R by there name.

And, another thread I posted had its title decorated by a friendly moderator:

Hint: my original post didn't have the "[Barf! MARXIST PROPAGANDA]" bit. And, this story later turned out to be completely true: "Immigration issue yanked off GOP agenda".

To summarize: FR has not yet reached the level of KoolAidCentral, but they're getting closer every day. Take what you read there with a very large grain of salt.


I was banned over a year ago, I stopped visiting, yes they do ban posters who oppose Bush's open border policy. I suppose they're in on the money train; when they started banning those who oppose the administration's "crime is policy" immigration policy I left, they lost all credibility with me, they should change the name to Bush'sFreerepublic or theopenborderwhoresfreerepublic or or

Ann is wide open and home to many bootees, freerepublic is a not so funny joke.

why is it a surprise that freep would purge people who
vehemently disagree with Bush? It makes perfect sense. The
whole Bush attitude of "with us or against us" could easily be
directed against cons just as much as against liberals and leftists.

"a very large grain of salt"

And have your grammar handbook & dictionary handy.

"you posting"

"there name"