Alexandra Marks of CSM lies: Hawaiian officials never confirmed the certificate on Obama's site

Alexandra Marks of the Christian Science Monitor offers "Should CNN attack its own anchor over ‘birther’ flap? /A media watchdog group releases an ad criticizing CNN anchor Lou Dobbs for stoking the 'birther' controversy" [1] about an ad Media Matters for America is running against Dobbs for him daring to mention the Obama citizenship issue. It includes this:

Officials in Hawaii have confirmed multiple times that the birth certificate produced by the Obama campaign in 2008 is legitimate., a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, has also seen the birth certificate and declared it legitimate.

The problems with that are highly similar to the problems with - surprise! - the problems with the Media Matters page discussed here. As with MMFA, she relies on FactCheck, an organization that isn't very credible.

More importantly, aside from a statement from Janice Okubo that she contradicted on the same page, no Hawaiian official has spoken about the picture of a certification as shown on Obama's site; neither of the statements from Hawaiian Department of Health Director Chiyome Fukino said anything about that picture. The first Fukino statement only said Obama had a valid cert on file; the second said he was born in Hawaii and was a natural born citizen.

In other words, Alexandra Marks' "multiple times" never happened; Marks is a liar.



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