What if the elites were the ones harmed by Obama's amnesty? (immigration, DREAM Act)

The very great majority of those given work permits under the DREAM Act amnesty Obama enacted won't be competition [1] for the elites [2]. The elites are going to be helped by Obama's amnesty; it won't have a neutral or negative impact on them.

Imagine for a minute that the opposite were the case. Imagine for a moment that almost all of the 800,000 to 1.4 million or so who'll get work permits were going to use those to directly compete against the elites.

For instance, starting online publishing empires, business reporting companies, banks, oil refining companies, think tanks, prestigious universities, establishment stringpullers, major newspapers, and so on. Or, running for office, or being a pundit, or a reporter.

In that case, can you imagine the elites being so very gung-ho on what Obama did?

Each day, tens of thousands of new competitors would be joining the workforce, ready to start their own newspapers, think tanks, and major banks and businesses. And, ready, willing, and able to compete with the current elites.

How exactly do you think the elites would have treated the situation if that were the case?

Obviously, no one can tell without it happening. But, my guess is that in such a case, rather than a DREAM Act, Obama's benefactors and other stringpullers would have almost have gone as far as mass deportations.

The elites don't need to worry, of course: most of those harmed by Obama's DREAM Act will just be lower-skilled Democratic workers and struggling college students (most of whom also happen to be Democrats).

[1] "Competition" doesn't include scientists, engineers, and so on. It does include publishers, reporters, pundits, politicians, political consultants, those in academia, religious leaders, those in leadership positions of major banks and corporations, and so on. Those with actual individual power.

[2] That's because the very great majority of those given work permits will be from Mexico and Central America, and very few of those from that region compete against the elites. If you disagree or have qualms about acknowledging that, feel free to leave a substantial number of counter-examples in comments contradicting simple facts. That might change, but for the past several decades that's how it's been.