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The Twitter account for the editors of VDARE. Featured at the 2016 Republican National Convention
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.@75watt: FYI, I & others repeatedly tried to get @vdare to help with a smart plan to stop amnesty. They refused. #MAGA #AltRight
.@katherine2283 @oklegacy: I & others repeatedly sought @vdare help with a plan to discredit those like @TedLieu. #VDare repeatedly refused.
You love it too, VDare. MT @vdare [a @TedLieu] If we had the "rule of law," we wouldn't have those millions of illegals you love so much
.@PrisonPlanet @vdare: Trump admitted #MuslimBan endangered USA. Would @Gavin_McInnes say that's "4D chess" too? #MAGA #resist #TrumpTrain
.@PrisonPlanet @vdare: Trump flubbed a golden opportunity to undercut BLM. Would @Gavin_McInnes say that's "4D chess" too? #MAGA #resist
As when Trump failed to undercut BLM? MT @Gavin_McInnes: Get back on the Trump train @AnnCoulter @PrisonPlanet @vdare Syria was 4D chess
.@HarryIsaacJr: @vdare enabled Trump, didn't push him to be better (eg just strict screening not travel ban). Was Bieberizing Trump smart?
.@Steve_Sailer @vdare: it can't be lacking smarts, sanity, patriotism, & dedication. Why do think Trump admin's had so many struggles?
.@vdare: an example of Trump's - & thus your - plans in action: You just aren't smart enough, deal with it.
.@vdare RTs the "If Trump does a 180 in immigration" bit. They aren't smart enough to know Trump's always been fake on the issue. #AltRight
.@EvilLiberalPig: @vdare & @steve_sailer aren't as you say + @SPLCenter isn't credible. A recent SPLC deception:
.@EvilLiberalPig: @vdare & @steve_sailer & especially their fans lack smarts/sanity/patriotism to show you wrong, but never fear I'll help.
.@EvilLiberalPig blogs "Trump Ally Ann Coulter Just Went To A White Supremacist Group’s Christmas Party" about @vdare e.g. @steve_sailer.
.@realbigstriper @Mikerpdbm1: on #immigration, Trump is Pres Grahmnesty. @vdare constantly enabled him rather than demanding he do better.
Both @vdare & @kausmickey enabled Trump, rather than making him better. Hopefully their fans will turn on them even more than they have.
Enablers & part of the problem -> MT @vdare RT @kausmickey: it seems bad bargaining position for Trump to buy into 'working something out'
.@CynthiaStillBB: @vdare act as slobbering fanboys for Trump, even as he won't just demand stringent screening *now*, undercut BLM, etc.
.@seansparkthomas: speaking about @vdare, what do you think of Trump's Muslims/region ban?
.@lcbaleme: @vdare refused to help with a smart plan that would have stopped Obama's amnesty agenda, now they stan an immigration charlatan.
RT @vdare: When Trump says "I love you," he means it// What grade are they in now? For a site obsessed w/ IQ, they fall far short. #AltRight
.@AqueshaMadison: settle for reduced #immigration. @vdare & @RoyBeck_NUSA both refuse to help with the only plan that would do that. #tcot
.@VonBodungen: I & others tried w/o luck to get @vdare to support a smart plan that woulda stopped Obama's agenda:
.@IvanaBlowjob: why isn't @VDare campaigning to ask @SpikeLee that question? Do they just whine w/o doing anything? #AllStarsSoBlack
.@vdare: you're RTing Kaus pulling the "secure the border, then amnesty" scam? What's the matter with you?
.@wkirkm: if Cruz etc. "co-opted" Trump, it would just be a scam. @vdare has to realize that by now. Urge them to use my smarter plan plz.
.@mllnola: e.g., if Cruz acted like Trump, it would be an act. There's a smarter way that so far @vdare has refused to help with.
.@mllnola: @vdare has to know that other #GOP candidates won't "co-opt" Trump's semi-fakery except with their own full-fakery.
.@tattedkat27: @vdare refused to assist the only plan that would have stopped amnesty: Tired of losing? Ask them why.
.@vdare: would @SenAlexander have won if you'd urged lawyers to use against him? #immigration #tcot
.@vdare: how to block Obama's executive order the smart way: Much smarter than ranting at townhalls or FAXes.
.@vdare: you should help with some of my Twitter campaigns. See top of every page.
.@vdare: love ya, but heckling Rubio is for #Teaparty kiddies. Help me confront Rubio with valid arguments: