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Miles Tache
Boston and NYC
I was a moderate unifier until they elected a chaotic kleptocrat. Patriots don't normalize dystopia. #LockHimUp #Emoluments #Nepotism #Obstruction #RyanOwens
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.@Sublimateus: hey Miles, how come you never owned up to supporting sociopaths: Want to stop doing that?
.@Sublimateus: if not TheIRC, you're enabling EJDionne.
.@Sublimateus: @theIRC is like a sociopath urging ppl to jump a dangerous chasm: Don't enable them.
.@Sublimateus: you're enabling @EJDionne & @theIRC, so I'm taking it up with you. If migrants knew they couldn't get in, would many try?
.@Sublimateus: how @TheIRC & @DMiliband help kill people: They've got blood on their hands.
.@Sublimateus: if you look at his feed, @EJDionne hypes a #60Minutes piece on @TheIRC. They help *increase* the # of migrants dying.
.@Sublimateus: hey Miles, what do you think of @EJDionne hyping #IRC, a group responsible for people dying trying to reach EU? #WaPo #tlot
.@Ann7837 @Sublimateus: you can oppose parts of #Murrieta, but enabling illegal #immigration helps USChamber & WalMart lower wages. #ows
.@Sublimateus: can you explain why USChamber, WalMart, and Tyson Foods all want #immigration "reform" too? What do they hope to gain? #ows