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Dedicated to conservative values that have formed us as a great nation of civilized people. Re-Tweets are not my writings and are for information sharing only.
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.@rodsandguitars: the @ALIPAC plan to stop amnesty was sending underwear to Congress. Did that stop amnesty or just make them look stupid?
.@rodsandguitars: when you have equivalent of feel free to chime in. #Trump2016 #NeverTrump
.@rodsandguitars: Trump could promote smart policies that would work, but he plays to people like #Trump2016 who live in a fantasy world.
.@rodsandguitars: Trump has no leverage against ACLU etc. He'd have little against Congress & they'd move to pull his funding. #Trump2016
.@rodsandguitars: if Trump tries his Muslims/deportations plans, ACLU etc will tie it up in court just like they did SB1070. #Trump2016
MT @rodsandguitars [after Trump's elected] Deportation of illegal aliens reinstated & Rapefugees are halted.// #Trump2016 = #delusional
.@rodsandguitars: it's March 2017 & Pres Trump starts his Muslims ban. Do any major things happen after that, or does it all go as planned?
Support the Maximum Leader! MT @rodsandguitars Get on #TrumpTrain for the great American restoral led by the only man that can/will do it
.@rodsandguitars: you tell that "reporter guy"! #yeehaw #teaparty #tcot #drunkatendofbar #ows #uniteblue" #TEAPARTY #TEAPARTY #TEAPARTY
.@rodsandguitars @tradethecycles: saying that has never done a single thing against amnesty. Try this instead: