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.@russfelix @et3stooge: what @ericbyler didn't disclose to his viewers: P.S. GMU is close to the #Koch bros. #ows
@russfelix @et3stooge Country changed b/c in the 1960's we ended immigration quotas that protected the white majority by favoring W. Europe
@russfelix @et3stooge Why start this now after 200 years? Voter fraud myth spurred not by fear of fraud; fear of democracy in changing USA.
@russfelix @et3stooge 9 cases of people wrongly thinking they could vote for a sick relative — out of 27 million votes cast. You do the math
@russfelix @et3stooge Same political operative spent millions of taxpayer $ hunting for voter fraud while part of Bush DoJ. Found nothing.
@russfelix @et3stooge Watch the author of the voter fraud myth use a 30-yr old case to justify crackdown on voters:
@russfelix @et3stooge Politicians want you to suspect your fellow voters of fraud, but w/ no proof. They are the ones who cheat; not us.
@russfelix @et3stooge @thehill This video series will help you separate fact from fiction re. voter suppression