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Parrish Miller
Boise, Idaho
I'm a small 'l' #libertarian who supports individual liberty and natural rights, knows that #TaxationIsTheft, and is unapologetically #AntiWar.
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.@Parrish_Miller: there are libertarian or at least anarchist compounds in Somalia, no?
.@Parrish_Miller: only in Somalia (the libertarian homeland) are jobs just voluntary interactions. In US, much, much more is involved.
.@Parrish_Miller: all US residents have rights, incl. Constitutional. The question is whether to give US citizens more rights: voting/jobs..
.@Parrish_Miller: also, @MickeyKaus would legalize millions of illegal aliens. He's not the libertarian ideal, but he's no Tancredo. #tcot
.@Parrish_Miller ("Policy Analyst with @idahofreedom"): since you wouldn't put citizens b4 foreigners, why should we Americans put you b4?