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.@Lileensvf1: on the 14th, I sent you Did you get a chance to read it? Do you agree or have any questions?
.@Lileensvf1: I'm asking you to start a campaign to get NumbersUSA etc. to use smart ways to stop achieve same goal:
.@Lileensvf1: all of us want to sell the house. If I show you a legal, ethical way to sell houses faster, aren't you going to use it?
.@Lileensvf1: yes, but NumbersUSA & other anti-amnesty leaders obviously haven't been much help against Obama: all their plans failed.
.@Lileensvf1: all NumbersUSA plans to stop amnesty have clearly failed. Wouldn't it be smart to demand they *add* smarter plans to stop it?
.@e_tme @Lileensvf1: NumbersUSA plans failed to stop amnesty. Shouldn't you demand they use better plans? Why follow them uncritically?
.@michaelmeans49 @Lileensvf1: if you don't demand more from NumbersUSA, they'll help Obama with Amnesty 2 like they helped with Amnesty 1.
.@Lileensvf1: NumbersUSA has completely failed to stop Obama's amnesty. Wake up before it's too late. Demand they do a better job. #tcot
.@Lileensvf1: Ted Cruz wants to legalize illegal aliens, 2x more legal #immigration, 5x more #H1B: #tcot #tgdn
.@Lileensvf1: @NewZealBlog would find reds under the bed of a flower bed store. Opposing amnesty requires a broad coalition. #tcot #ows #sgp
.@Lileensvf1: @NumbersUSA can't/won't do the most effective thing to #StopAmnesty: discredit top amnesty fans to their faces. Ask them why.
.@Lileensvf1: harping on Senate bill leaves you open to being blindsided by House mass legalization bill. #tcot #teaparty #sgp #gop #tgdn
.@Lileensvf1: 2 main amnesty threats: a conference making a HouseSenate bill, & House passing mass legalization bill. #tcot #teaparty #sgp
.@Lileensvf1: threats incl. Senate bill squeaking thru the House, but also some kind of mass legalization. Don't harp on Senate bill. #tcot
@Lileensvf1: the tactics of @NumbersUSA have failed to #StopAmnesty so far, what makes you think they'll win? See
.@Lileensvf1: @NumbersUSA is fighting a 2013 battle using 2007 tactics. It's not enough this time. To block amnesty, help my campaigns.
.@Lileensvf1: if @NumbersUSA tactics were working, would Senate be voting on amnesty tomorrow? #immigration #teaparty #tcot #tgdn #gop #sgp
.@Lileensvf1: how has @NumbersUSA done so far at opposing amnesty? What grade would you give them? #teaparty #gop #sgp #tcot #tgdn #tpp
.@Lileensvf1: based on where #immigration bill is, what grade would you give to its *loudest* opponents? I say "D-". What about you? #tcot
.@Lileensvf1: sending FAXes is necessary to block amnesty, but won't be enough. Help out my campaigns which could be far more effective.