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.@Mayor_Ed_Murray: @DavidAgnew44 isn't smart enough to answer my questions: Would you hire someone like that?
.@ThackerTyler: @DavidAgnew44 can't answer any of my questions: People like him have launch codes. #HolySh*t #tcot
.@JoyCookPR: @DavidAgnew44 (from your Daily) isn't smart enough to answer any of my questions: That's bad for US.
.@mayormarie: @DavidAgnew44 just isn't smart enough to answer any of my questions: Is he qualified for his job?
.@LeeBonner: if a used car salesman won't tell you if a car was in Sandy, should you buy it? Apply that to @DavidAgnew44 & #immigration. #p2
.@LeeBonner: my "personal vendetta" list is now up to 3 gigs, but @DavidAgnew44 isn't on it. I'm just trying to get him to do his job. #tcot
.@LeeBonner: if I can undercut @DavidAgnew44, he'll tell his boss, who'll tell his boss, etc. Fewer hacks will be willing to hype amnesty.
.@LeeBonner: one of my many longterm campaigns is to undercut @DavidAgnew44 to his network; he's an intermediary:
.@LeeBonner: from the American POV, @DavidAgnew44 failed. From the POV of leaders who don't want to be held accountable, he succeeded. #tcot
.@LeeBonner: @DavidAgnew44 was the point person for the #AskTheWH effort ( ). At that he failed (or succeeded).
.@LeeBonner: @DavidAgnew44 can't answer any of the #immigration questions I asked him: Sound like competence? #ows
.@SallieClark: @davidagnew44 can't answer any of my policy questions: US is in *big* trouble if he's best we can do.
.@davidagnew44: hey Dave, is there not one single person in the WH smart enough to even try to show me wrong on #immigration? #tcot #occupy
.@PaulaBrooksOhio: hi Paula! Can you ask @DavidAgnew44 why no one in the WH can answer even 1 of my questions: ? #gop
.@TimothyMPate: maybe you can ask bo why @davidagnew44 can't answer any of my #immigration questions: #tcot #gop
.@spanjian: @DavidAgnew44 isn't capable of defending what he promotes: Can you imagine that happening in #Houston?
.@DavidAgnew44: is there anyone at the Whitehouse who can show me wrong about #immigration in any way? If not, aren't your policies invalid?
.@DavidAgnew44: can you answer even one of my #AskTheWH questions: ?
The question @DavidAgnew44 answered is 'My 7th and 8th graders want to know: "what's your favorite part of your job?"' Kid to kid. #tcot #oo
.@DavidAgnew44: visualize me in an open, back & forth #immigration debate with an admin official. Who do you think would win? #AskTheWH #gop
.@DavidAgnew44: pretend you're a cashier at the Worcester #Walmart. Will #immigration reform increase competition for your job? #AskTheWH
.@DavidAgnew44: FBI says Matricula Consulars are a security risk. What has Obama admin done *in the past* to mitigate that? #AskTheWH #tcot
.@DavidAgnew44: 1 illegal alien & 1 citizen apply for this year's last #Harvard slot. Pretend you're admissions dir. Who gets in? #AskTheWH
.@DavidAgnew44: hey Dave, instead of yet more flacking, how about you answer one of my questions: ? #AskTheWH #tcot