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John Ziegler
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@Mediaite Columnist, Talk Show Host (2-time Talkers Magazine Top 100), Filmmaker, TV guest, Conservative/Libertarian, Georgetown Hoya, Husband/Father.
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.@zigmanfreud: will you hold each of those responsible for not being competent enough to stop Trump to shame them into doing smart things?
.@zigmanfreud: I saw your enemies list of who "owns" Trump. Mine has 196 names: What're you going to do?
.@Zigmanfreud @ReaganBattalion: illegal aliens aren't "immigrants" & it's not fully clear what Trump will do. He might be playing a game.
Wrong MT @Zigmanfreud RT @ReaganBattalion: Trump to propose path to Legalization For 12 Million Immigrants this week
He did it himself. I couldn't have fucked up better. #KFI MT @OrlandoChangdME @Zigmanfreud geez I thought u were turned into outcast
.@Zigmanfreud: if you want 100,000s of Youtube views via Drudge, ask my tough questions at townhalls: