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John K Stahl
Conservative, Naval Aviator, Retired High Tech Executive. Golfing, Investing and Traveling. Just a regular guy wanting to Make America Great Again.
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.@philmonaco67: just because @JohnKStahlUSA lacks the smarts, sanity, & patriotism to show Liz Warren wrong doesn't mean you have to help.
MT @philmonaco67 RT @JohnKStahlUSA: Pelosi and Waters are regrettably in safe seats. However, I think we can take Pocahontas out in 2018
.@Sahof1 @JohnKStahlUSA: 5 *smart* ways Trump could undercut Liz Warren: How many is he doing? #Trump2016 #tcot
.@JohnKStahlUSA: if ppl like you were smart & sane you'd do things my way & wouldn't have problems. Instead, you follow charlatans. #tcot
Because you aren't smart & sane? MT @JohnKStahlUSA If this is law in MX, why am I called a bigot, racist, xenophobe for wanting it in USA???