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Telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
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MT @wildcatcrazyone @tribelaw @JoeNBC You both should be hung in public kicking & screaming! Trump is protecting USA
@tribelaw @JoeNBC You both should be hung in public kicking and screaming! @realDonaldTrump is protecting USA
Wishful thinking, @JoeNBC?
MT @MichaelCohen212 @JoeNBC As Trump's personal [PI?] atty, I know who has his taxes. You best have proof to back up your claim & big mouth!
MT @JoeNBC This one tax return is not bad for him because he cherry picked one return from over a decade ago and had it leaked to the press.
Occam: Trump is just an idiot. MT @JoeNBC: Pence is terrible fit for Trump. The pick is so off brand; hard to believe this isn't a head fake
@morningmika @JoeNBC @alexwagner Why are our lives worth less than an illegals to MSNBC?@24AheadDotCom
Why @JoeNBC is very wrong about the #Teaparty: #MSNBC #p2 #tlot #TopProg #OWS #Occupy #tcot #GOP #sgp #tpp
@joenbc @seanhackbarth: Yglesias refused to do anything about harassment at his site and probably for partisan reasons. #tcot #GOP #sgp #tpp
@JoeNBC: you need to address the growing rumors about you. Don't you at least owe it to the goat? #teaparty #sgp #tcot #ocra #p2 #tlot
@JoeNBC: I have pictures of John Boehner, drunk in a gutter smoking crack with a "pro". And, you can see her Adam's Apple! Name your price.