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New York, NY (BPOE)
Former scholar-athlete, turned executive. Former sinner turned Reverend. Frat boy turned Dad. Living life and loving the ride!
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.@GovtsTheProblem @holyghostie @Right2Defend: start smaller. Coerce/shame NumbersUSA into blocking amnesty: #tcot
.@GovtsTheProblem @holyghostie @Right2Defend: "wishing" gets you nowhere. You have to coerce/shame Rev Al into opposing amnesty. #tcot #tgdn
MT @holyghostie @FrankSharry Hey Frank why is an illegals life worth more than a citizens??? Got an answer, Frankie?
.@holyghostie: yes, @JoseIsWriting. At least 2 producers of his movie have SiliconValley links, incl. ex-Napster/ex-Facebook @Sparker. #osf
.@holyghostie: to discredit @CoryBooker, force @NumbersUSA to use against him. #immigration #tcot
.@holyghostie: e.g., @LuisGutierrez lives in his own pro-illegality world. Just discredit those in *mainstream* who give him time of day.
.@holyghostie: I can't change @ErikaAndiola mind about anything. Instead, I work to discredit *mainstream* ppl who help those like her.
.@holyghostie: @CoryBooker is the same as other pols. A video of him ignoring your question would remind him who he works for. #NewJersey
.@holyghostie: your @CoryBooker question could be powerful if you had a video of him ignoring you. Can you try again but with video? #tcot
.@holyghostie says he asked @CoryBooker about #immigration w/o response. What were the questions, where's the video? #tcot #teaparty #sgp