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Dr Julie L Pike
Durham, NC
Dr. Pike is a licensed psychologist who appears regularly on Sirius Radio's Doctor Radio and TLC's Hoarding: Buried Alive.
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.@drjuliepike: feminism as practiced by many is a power trip designed to silence opponents. Do Marcotte/Sarkeesian/etc want open debate?
I have to respectfully disagree. MT @drjuliepike Feminism just means that you believe in everyone's right to dignity and respect
.@drjuliepike: that seems a bit worrisome, like there's nothing they can do about it. Can I ask, are you from NYC? Did you go to Duke?
.@drjuliepike: no problem. My nerdy question for you was if hoarding is just a personal issue or due to consumerism etc. What do you think?
And, all that because @DrJuliePike refuses to reply to me.
.@drjuliepike: what's your take on hoarding from the Marxist POV?
.@drjuliepike: why aren't you falling for my Thorstein Veblen pickup lines?
.@drjuliepike: is #hoarding just a personal issue, or a reflection of a cultural illness?
@drjuliepike: to what extent is hoarding a symptom of personal issues vs. social issues like rampant consumerism?
@drjuliepike: is #hoarding to some degree just a symptom of a deeper problem with U.S. society?
.@drjuliepike: isn't #hoarding just a more downmarket variety of #affluenza & symptom of a wider social problem? Also why not salvage books?
.@drjuliepike: I'm obsessed with hoarding receipts & records in case I need to provide an alibi. Can you help?