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Rep. Trent Franks
Peoria, AZ
Representing Arizona's Eighth Congressional District.
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.@RepTrentFranks: Trump encouraging violence & his idiocy meant he completely flubbed a chance to undercut BLM:
.@RepTrentFranks: blaming l/w for @gregformontana attack'd be slightly less ludicrous if not for Trump encouraging violence @ rallies. #GOP
.@RepTrentFranks says "the left has precipitated" the "tense, confrontational approach" that led to Trump's pick body slamming a reporter.
.@RebekahLSanders: ask @RepTrentFranks my #WalMart question. See it here (for someone else): #Arizona #AZ #tcot
I haven't covered @RepTrentFranks that much, but it seems like he's gotten worse: he supports some kind of amnesty. #Arizona #AZ #tcot #tgdn