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Donald J. Funk
California Central Coast
River Morphologist, Community & Environmental Planner, Mediator, Domestic Violence Counselor, Founder Manos Hermanas Foundation, Conserving the Human Spirit
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.@Livingston442: goal of @DonaldJFunk talking point is to guilt citizens into allowing endless #immigration, not just to point something out
.@Livingston442: we're actually a nation of citizens: @DonaldJFunk #immigration #tlot #tcot #libcrib
.@DonaldJFunk: let me help you figure this out. If we follow your "logic", we can't deny entry to anyone. I.e., open borders. @Livingston442
.@Livingston442: if we follow the "logic" of @DonaldJFunk, we'd have open borders. Is that a viable position? #immigration #tcot #uniteblue