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.@derekp78 @RichardBSpencer: ACLU & MX govt blocked Arizona's SB1070 for 6 years & gutted it. They'd do the same to Trump Wall.
.@derekp78: this is the context: @RichardBSpencer
On Sep 11, @derekp78 replied "You're implying MX and ACLU are legitimate competitors to American power? Please, get real."
.@RichardBSpencer @derekp78: Trump lacks smarts/sanity/patriotism to undercut BLM when he could've. Is that intellectually serious too?
.@RichardBSpencer @derekp78: is #TrumpWall - something ACLU & MX govt would block for years & stop - intellectually serious & pragmatic?
MT @RichardBSpencer RT @derekp78 The big secret about #AltRight: we are the West's only intellectually serious pragmatists. [eto vsyo]