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Natural Born American from Founding & Pioneering Stock trying to make some sense from it all. Tweet's & RT's may not be an endorsement.
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.@Artmoves1: this plan *tells* politicians what to do: Either they do that or their careers suffer. Will you help?
.@Artmoves1: I assure you, your Rep. thinks of you as a sheep. That's because you act like one. Stop asking, start telling them what to do.
.@Artmoves1: if you think there's some better, legal way to stop Obama's amnesty right now, let's hear it. Otherwise help with my plan.
.@Artmoves1: what I need *you* to do is this: If 100 ppl do that, we'll stop amnesty. Otherwise, Obama wins. #tcot
.@Artmoves1: you can visit my homepage, , , etc. to see what I do.
.@Artmoves1: this is an action plan: Plz stop just wishing. Plz start *doing* things to make your wishes come true.
.@Artmoves1: "just enforce the law" is a great *wish*. It's just a *wish*. It's not an action plan to force politicians to enforce the law.
.@Artmoves1: millions of dollars later, JennyBethM has had zero impact on amnesty. Help stop amnesty *now* for free: