Tulsa World editorial's lie about "birther" issue shows failure to understand this issue

Tulsa World offers the editorial "The 'birthers'/Don't encourage them, senator" (link) about recent comments from Oklahoma senator Jim Inhofe in which he apparently said, "I believe those people who are concerned about his birth certificate, about whether he is a citizen and qualified, I encourage them to do that."

As with others in the "anti-birther movement", Tulsa World can't get their facts straight and are lying to their readers. Not only do they smear all those who are referred to as "Birthers" as "conspiracy theorists" who are like those who are "Kennedy conspiracy adherents" (?!), but they also lie when they say:

the state of Hawaii has verified his 1961 birth certificate

That's not true. Their recent statement only said he that was born there. They didn't, for instance, verify that what's shown on his site matches what they have on file. They didn't verify that the other information shown on the picture on his site matches what they have on file.

To some that might seem like a small difference, but it indicates that Tulsa World doesn't really understand this issue and hasn't, for instance, looked at what those officials have actually said. If they won't look at what those officials have said or don't understand what they've said, and they can't get the facts straight when dealing with a topic like this, then their opinions should be taken with a large grain of salt.

Note also, of course, that the editorial is being linked to by others who've lied about this issue: Ben Smith (politico.com/blogs/bensmith/0709/Birther_sympathizers_take_flack_locally.html) and Dave Weigel (washingtonindependent.com/53211/tulsa-newspaper-slams-jim-inhofe-on-birthers).


Are you a complete idiot? A certificate of live birth is good enough fool! The paper posted his birth the next day in the paper? Please explain this! Stop your racist ranting. Accept the fact the Barack Hussien Obama a..oh my gosh..black man is our president.

Are you a complete idiot? A certificate of live birth is good enough fool! The paper posted his birth the next day in the paper? Please explain this! Stop your racist ranting. Accept the fact the Barack Hussien Obama a..oh my gosh..black man is our president. bjerome

"A certificate of live birth is good enough fool!" No its not. Where someone is born has nothing to do with race. You are a complete buffoon and devoid of any intellectual capacity or understanding that you ALWAYS question who is in power, you dumbass. You are the epitome of a pussified, castrated male, on your knees begging to please your master. He is only half black. Funny how he (nor you) does not identify with that part. We AMERICANS have a black racist anti-AMERICAN president and we have every right to question who he is and where he came from, idiot.

What about the newspaper release? Did the paper just make that up? C'mon you have to be smarter than that. By the way, your point that he is half white is well taken. Unfortunately, most of the folks who think like you do forget that. Additionally, society treats him as if he is totally black because of his features. The real sadness in all of this foolishness is that most of your folks either consciously or subconsciously get their mind around someone of color being president. Today it is about his birth certificate. Tomorrow it will be that he is muslim. The next days it will be he is the anti christ. I have heard them all. Even if hawaii produced the "long form" birth certificate you birthers would claim it is forged. Let this silliness go and we can debate something important like healthcare.

"What about the newspaper release?" That is not evidence in any court of law in this country, and it certainly isn't convincing evidence in my book either. That is simply a red herring to the promises of a "transparent" administration. You know how B. Hussein Obama is lying? His lips are moving. "Even if..." You will NOT put words into my mouth. I don't give a shit about healthcare. You want a doctor's visit to resemble going to the DMV? The government does not care if you live or die. You're a fucking kook.

The newspaper article, from a contemporary source, is good enough to get a Birth Certificate issued, if the original is not available. The statements from State Officials that he was born in Hawaii is enough as well. In addition, he produced a document issued by the state. Good enough. Finally, the state officials would be guilty of Conspiracy to commit fraud if they saw anything on the actual birth certificate which contradicted what is publically available. Explain why they would unilaterally issue a statement which would put them in legal jeopardy?

You are obviously an idiot so I will make this short. All of the birther cases have been thrown out of every court. Oops, I know the judges are also in on the conspiracy. By the way, let me know if you see any black helicoptors hovering overhead. haha

"All of the birther cases have been thrown out of every court" Havent you wondered why BHO is fighting the release of ANY of his records? Its because he has something to hide.

"he produced a document issued by the state" SHOW ME where he has released anything. You can't because it's a fucking lie. Put up or shut up. "All of the birther cases have been thrown out of every court." Um, no they haven't. Another lie. The federal case in Orange County is alive and well. When will you hateful people stop lying about this issue? It isn't going away anytime soon, so get used to it, fucktards.

Also, when a former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy finds this issue credible (http://article.nationalreview.com/print/?q=ZmJhMzlmZWFhOTQ3YjUxMDE2YWY4ZDMzZjZlYTVmZmU), you lying moonbats are clearly going to be marginalized out of the debate in short order. We are here, we are questioning the messiah's legitimacy and authority, we are not going away, so you damn well better get used to it.

Hey, dummy, I bet you think the "new birth certificate" is real don't you. Once, again no one with any credibility thinks this phony and racist issue is worthwhile. Only nutjobs like yourself and the rest of the loony redneck nation believe this garbage. SO all of you petty, bigoted, uneducated morons need to go find another issue to attack Obama's credibility. I know..how about him being the antichrist! The idiot glen "I cry all the time on my show" beck had a guy on a few months ago that claimed Obama was the antichrist. haha Oh my, I hear the theme from the twilght zone..its getting louder and louder...

As long as the issue pisses you off and gets your panties all in a bunch then it is a worthwhile enterprise. The fact you are simply a cheerleader for totalitarianism is amusing. How does it feel to know you voted for someone as bad as war monger Bush? Why aren't our troops home? Why is Wall Street getting billions of dollars of my tax money? Why are all the Bush era policies continuing on as if nothing ever happened? Hope and change, indeed. Your boy is just another version of Bush. In six months you will claim you never voted for him in the first place, you goddamned pussy. This issue isn't going away anytime soon, and I am delighted to see your anger expressed in such an unhealthy way. Brings a BIG smile to my face. So where is the document you claim your messiah has produced? Can't seem to find it?

Well, you know I am beginning to like you a bit. Don't get worried it ain't got nothing to do with my painties. So, Bush was a war monger? Who did you vote for then? Alan Keyes lol! Look, foolish one I have already dropped science a couple of posts ago about how society and the economy works. It's all based around the new science of complexity. Now, I don't expect you to understand the concept, but you might want to google it so you can have a clue as to what I am trying to impart to you. The GOP is becoming a small regional party led by right wing nut jobs. So, because of their stupidity they are marginalizing themselves. Well, to fill the gap as a major counterweight to the Dems the libertarian party could be the alternative. But alas, the libertarians sound good in theory but known of their ideas can be relistically applied. So, the dems will be in power for the foreseaable future and you and your dumb bigoted bither fools will just have to get used to it. Obama is the man and he is the president. Remember, he got more votes than anyone else. So, you rednecks are gonna just have to accept it. Instead of promoting silliness like the birther issue try to enact some realistic policy initiatives. If you don't though it's fine by me. I can always find a few minutes to drop science to idiots. By the way, I ain't wasting my time explaining the difference between obama and bush. It is as stark as night and day.

You didn't counter any of my arguments. We are still at war and ramping it up in Afghanistan...that makes you a supporter of the war mongering Bush/Obama era. Where are the protesters now? Your attempts to enlighten me aren't going to work--you simply are too stupid to understand you voted for a Bush-esque candidate disguised as a DemoRat, and you don't have a single argument to counter this fact. Bush and Obama are the same. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. I seriously doubt the dems will be in power in the foreseeable future. The poll numbers just do not support such a prophecy. You may want to take another look into your crystal ball--the poll numbers are plummeting and the economy is only getting worse with this continuation of BUSH policy. But in any event, the legitimacy question is not going away either. You need to post some evidence to support your claims, but you cannot, because they do not exist. Obama has never produced anything. If he did, you would simply post a url from the White House to support your stupid lying allegations. You're an lying idiot. Now go away.

Your arguements are stupid and nutty. Anyone with a brain knows that most americans supported the war in afghanistan because the Taliban would not give up Bin Laden. Obama ran on the arguement that we wasted valuable resources and time fighting in Iraq on a bogus war when we should hav been concentrating on Iraq. I enthusiastically support Obama's approach on Afghanistan. You are a Libertarian shell who like most libertarians offer no coherent real world solutions. All of you dope heads just sit around and complain and opine for the good ol' days of anarchy. Grow up! Stop wasting your time chasing dumb arguements like the "birther" foolishness and have some real positions on important issues. So we are clear, pretty petty this is my last post to your Ayn Rand lovin self. And by the way, wall street got money because the world economy was about to go off a cliff according to most economist. I didn't like it, but it needed to be done because the credit markets had froze up thereby preventing businesses from getting the cash they needed to make capital purchases to sustain their companies. Bottomline, the world economy is built on credit and if banks stop lending money it eventually hurts everyone. Including the ability of you to get the low cost education loans that you so desperately need.