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On pollution, Tea Party are socialists (Lamar Alexander, EPA, coal, TP Nation, Judson Phillips) - 11/24/12

"Teaparty socialists"? Isn't that an oxymoron? Not exactly: if the Teaparty movement has their way, the U.S. will not only have more pollution, but the polluters will get to "socialize the costs and privatize the profits." In other words, the Teapartiers are supporting what they would call socialism.

For an example, turn to "Tea Party Seeks to Regroup" (link):

Tulsa World editorial's lie about "birther" issue shows failure to understand this issue - 07/30/09

Tulsa World offers the editorial "The 'birthers'/Don't encourage them, senator" (link) about recent comments from Oklahoma senator Jim Inhofe in which he apparently said, "I believe those people who are concerned about his birth certificate, about whether he is a citizen and qualified, I encourage them to do that."

As with others in the "anti-birther movement", Tulsa World can't get their facts straight and are lying to their readers. Not only do they smear all those who are referred to as "Birthers" as "conspiracy theorists" who are like those who are "Kennedy conspiracy adherents" (?!), but they also lie when they say:

the state of Hawaii has verified his 1961 birth certificate

That's not true. Their recent statement only said he that was born there. They didn't, for instance, verify that what's shown on his site matches what they have on file. They didn't verify that the other information shown on the picture on his site matches what they have on file.