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Local politicians

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antonio villaraigosa (130)joe arpaio (55)michael bloomberg (43)
phil gordon (17)richard daley (16)gavin newsom (10)
john destefano (7)lou barletta (7)kamala harris (6)
george gascon (4)walter tejada (3)martin omalley (3)
michael nutter (3)julian castro (3)danny solis (2)
william delgado (2)mary rose wilcox (2)albio sires (2)
ray borane (2)sam slom (2)manny flores (1)
trent rhorer (1)gus savage (1)gloria molina (1)
richard alatorre (1)joel rivera (1)william donald schaefer (1)
kathy porter (1)richard impallaria (1)patrick mcdonough (1)
linda lamone (1)hiram monserrate (1)greg nickels (1)
john timoney (1)steve levy (1)chuck huckleberry (1)
jim hahn (1)joshua wisch (1)raymond kelly (1)
charles ramsey (1)chris burbank (1)