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George Gascon: police chief of Mesa and now San Francisco

George Gascon is the police chief of Mesa, Arizona. As of late July 2009, he'll be moving to San Francisco to be that city's new chief. Opponent of Joe Arpaio and supporter of illegal immigration, going as far as testifying to Congress against the 287g program and doing so on the dime of a far-left loose borders group. After it hit the papers, he paid for the trip out of his own pocket.

Last modified Jun 18, 2009
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New San Francisco police chief George Gascan says Mesa was about to fire him - 07/22/09

... this: Outgoing Mesa (Arizona) police Chief George Gascon confirmed Tuesday that he was on the verge of being fired after his April trip to Washington, D.C., where he testified that illegal immigration enforcement should not be left to resource-strapped local police departments. Ending weeks of speculation by police union members and his own allies that he was forced out, Gascon told the Tribune...

Mesa Police chief George Gascon to pay for DC trip out of own funds, refunds "immigration reform" group - 04/12/09

... month, Mesa, Arizona police chief George Gascon testified before Congress about his opposition to the 287g program. His testimony was sought by Rep. John Conyers and arranged through the agency of county supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox. Hiis trip to DC was paid for by what he called at the time a "group of nonprofit organizations that are seeking immigration reform". This caused a firestorm of...

George Gascon DC trip paid for by "a group of nonprofit organizations that are seeking immigration reform" - 04/04/09

... between Mesa, Arizona police chief George Gascon (an opponent of the program) and Rep. Ted Poe (a supporter): "Who paid your way to get here today?" Poe asked. Gascon replied by repeating the question. "You heard me," Poe said. "Who paid your way?" "A group of nonprofit organizations that are seeking immigration reform," Gascon answered. "Would you agree with the statement that we dance with...

Zoe Lofgren, Jerrold Nadler, ACLU try to end 287g program (4/2/09 hearing; Arpaio) - 04/01/09

... against it is Mesa police chief George Gascon (link). Another appeared at a Casa de Maryland rally, but whether he's linked to that group isn't known (link). Another is Deborah Weissman of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law; she collaborated with the ACLU of NC to produce an anti-287g report (link). From the American side, one of those testifying for the program is...